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How Do I Sell My Business Without Getting Sued
How Do I Sell My Business Without Getting Sued
A question sellers ask: how do I sell my business without getting sued, isn't a subject just for discussions with lawyers. A seller can take some precautions to reduce potential legal problems. Peter Siegel, MBA Founder Of BizBen and BizBen.com's ProBuy and ProSell Programs discusses this topic.  By Peter Siegel   View All Peter Siegel Blog Posts
Know About Dual Agents In Buying A Business
What You Should Know About Dual Agents In Buying A Business
Should brokers and agents be allowed to represent both the buyer and seller in a transaction? Doesn't California civil code require that when there is only one agent in a deal, that the agent is required to be a dual agent? These are the questions that I would like to address in this article.  By Willard Michlin   View All Willard Michlin Blog Posts
The Details Of Obamacare
The Information And Details Of Obamacare For Small Business Owners
I don't know many small business owners that have the time to study and read through all 2,400 pages of the Obamacare bill, so I'm going to break it down here for you and give you the details of the bill that every small business owner needs to know.  By Peter Siegel   View All Peter Siegel Blog Posts
Successor Liability When Buying A Business
Successor Liability When Buying A Business
A major concern of anyone buying a business should be whether or not they will be exposed to any of the seller's liabilities. California Attorney Joe Sandbank covers in this BizBen Blog: Stock Purchase vs an Asset Purchase, Public Policy Exceptions, Failure to Comply with Bulk Sale Laws, and Taxes.  By Joe Sandbank   View All Joe Sandbank Blog Posts
Liquidated Damages Provisions: A Good Idea?
Liquidated Damages Provisions: A Good Idea?
In a contract, the parties may agree that damages for breach of that contract by a party shall be "liquidated." This means that the parties decide in advance what the party that breaches the contract must pay to the non-breaching party as damages for breaching the contract.   By Joe Sandbank   View All Joe Sandbank Blog Posts
What I Learned About Earn Outs - Advice From A Business Broker
Christina Lazuric, a business broker in Southern California explores earn-outs and her experiences of structuring one on her latest deal.  By Christina Lazuric, CBI   View All Christina Lazuric, CBI Blog Posts
Scam Alert: Warning to Corporations and LLCs
The California Corporations code requires corporations and limited liability companies file initial and annual Statements of Information identifying the organization's management (directors, officers, managing members, etc.) and agent for service of process. Scammers are taking advantage of this situation and misleading small business owners. Attorney Joe Sandbank discusses what you should watch out for with these solicitations.  By Joe Sandbank   View All Joe Sandbank Blog Posts
How To Hire A Good Attorney When Buying A Small Business
Hiring a good lawyer is very important because they can have a great amount of input over the success, or lack of success in purchasing a business. Southern California business broker Ron Hottes gives his perspective on utilizing attorneys when buying a small businesses.  By Ron Hottes   View All Ron Hottes Blog Posts
In Comes the Attorney - Dead Goes the Transaction?
If you talk to any business broker that has been in the industry for more than a year or two, they've had at least a couple of good transactions go south as soon as the buyer or seller involved an attorney. Tawnya Gilreath discusses this topic in her recent BizBen.com article.  By Tawnya Gilreath, JD, CBI   View All Tawnya Gilreath, JD, CBI Blog Posts
Visas Strategy Defined For Those Thinking Of Buying A Business
Business Broker Christina Lazuric explain and define the different types of Visa's utilized to buy California small and mid-sized businesses for sale on the BizBen.com Blog.  By Christina Lazuric, CBI   View All Christina Lazuric, CBI Blog Posts

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