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What Is Involved In Selling A Franchised Business?
Steve Fitzgerald a Southern California business broker discusses parts of the franchise agreement that pertain to sale of the franchise, that should be understood by potential franchise buyers.  By Steve FitzGerald   View All Steve FitzGerald Blog Posts
Business Appraisals, Blended Is Better!
There are a number of traditional accounting methods used to calculate business worth. None of these methods individually addresses all of the items that create value. Bob Klein with Business Appraisals discusses this topic on the BizBen.com Blog.  By Bob Klein   View All Bob Klein Blog Posts
Sacramento County Small Businesses Sold Were Down In 2010
The number of Sacramento County small and mid-sized businesses sold in 2010 declined from the 2009 figure according to the BizBen.com Index Of California Small Business Sales.  By Peter Siegel   View All Peter Siegel Blog Posts
Preparing To Sell Your Company - Helpful Tips From A Business Broker
San Diego Business Broker Steve Fitzgerald discusses tips on preparing your company for sale. Helpful tips for all small business owers to consider.  By Steve FitzGerald   View All Steve FitzGerald Blog Posts
What to Expect When Selling Your Tax Practice Or CPA Firm
The more prepared you are the better the transaction will go, so here are a few tips and guidelines that should better prepare you for selling your tax practice or CPA firm. Specialist business broker Christina Lazuric covers this topic.  By Christina Lazuric, CBI   View All Christina Lazuric, CBI Blog Posts
Factors That Influence When To Sell A Business
Several factors influence a business sale. Steve Fitzgerald, business broker in San Diego explores these issues with BizBen Blog readers.  By Steve FitzGerald   View All Steve FitzGerald Blog Posts
How Are Small Businesses Valued by Buyers and Lenders?
In the vast majority of cases, a Buyer will come to a decision as to the value of a business they are interested in buying based upon six primary issues. This article by San Diego Business Broker Steve Fitzgerald explains the differences in valuation according to buyers vs. lenders.  By Steve FitzGerald   View All Steve FitzGerald Blog Posts
Get Your Business For Sale Pre-Qualified For SBA Loan Financing!
All sellers, agents, and business brokers should pre-qualify their businesses for sale for SBA loan business purchase financing, increasing the availability of more business buyers in the process. Peter Siegel with BizBen.com explains why in this article.  By Peter Siegel   View All Peter Siegel Blog Posts
When To Sell Your Business - Many Factors Play A Part
Determining the right time to sell a private business is as much an art as a science, because there are so many factors at play and each business is unique. Christina Lazuric an Orange County Business Broker shares her experience on this issue.  By Christina Lazuric, CBI   View All Christina Lazuric, CBI Blog Posts
Sales of Small California Businesses Declined In 2010, Final Quarter Was Up
Fewer small and mid-sized businesses were sold in California last year compared with 2009, but the last three months of 2010 showed improvement. Resourcefulness of the state's entrepreneurs can be credited with the late boost in activity.  By Peter Siegel   View All Peter Siegel Blog Posts
Handling Inventory In Connection With Selling A Small Business
It might be the most tedious thing you do when buying or selling a small California business for sale, but conducting inventory - counting out the items that are sold or used in running the business is absolutely essential. Peter Siegel, MBA founder of BizBen.com discusses this topic.  By Peter Siegel   View All Peter Siegel Blog Posts
Open Listings vs. Exclusive Listings
Joe Robertson, a principal and business broker with Southern California Business Brokers has written a great article on BizBen.com on the representation differences business owners can expect from business brokers listing their business for sale.  By Joe D. Robertson   View All Joe D. Robertson Blog Posts
3 Important Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Selling A Business
3 Important things Every Business Owner Should Know About Selling a Business. Read this article before selling a business and find out what key points are important before taking that first buyer phone call.  
Owner Asks: Good Time To Sell With Lease Coming Up?
A potential small business owner/seller asks the question: I have a preschool and am thinking about selling it but my lease is ending soon. What would be the best thing to do? Do I renew the contract or do I act the landlord to sign a contract to the new buyer? and is it a good time to sell?  By Peter Siegel   View All Peter Siegel Blog Posts
Buy My Business Kit - What Is Included
Owners ready to assemble a buy my business kit so they can sell the company successfully should know what materials and actions should be included in order to prepare properly, in hopes of a fairly fast sale. Peter Siegel with BizBen.com covers this topic.  By Peter Siegel   View All Peter Siegel Blog Posts
Tips For Selling Business Online
Following a few key selling business online suggestions can result in a successful deal rather than in wasted time and advertising budget. Peter Siegel with BizBen.com discusses these principles on the BizBen Blog.  By Peter Siegel   View All Peter Siegel Blog Posts
A Business Selling Plan That Will Not Miss
Predictions are that as baby-boomers begin reaching retirement age in greater numbers, more small businesses will hit the market and a business selling plan becomes more urgent. Despite the forecast, there are plenty of prospective business owners looking for small enterprises with good cash flow who will be drawn to a business selling strategy that makes sense.  By Peter Siegel   View All Peter Siegel Blog Posts
Selling A Business - 8 Factors That Influence Selling A Business
The likelihood of selling a business is often determined by external factors in the marketplace. Here are eight influences on how easy, or difficult it might be when selling a small business. Peter Siegel discusses these factors in a BizBen.com article.  By Peter Siegel   View All Peter Siegel Blog Posts
Selling Your Preschool - Top Tips From Preschool Sales Specialists
Selling a preschool - much like your purchase of or starting the business - is an undertaking that requires substantial preparation. The planning of the sale of your business is equally as important as starting and growing your business.  
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