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Podcasts Related To: Deal And Escrow Issues

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January 2021 Small Business ReportJanuary 2021 Small Business Report: Transactions, Trends, Predications

Posted By: Peter Siegel MBA: BizBen Founder, Lead Advisor.   The January 2021 Small Business Report (Buying/Selling Businesses): Transactions, Trends, Predications revealed many topics both ProIntermediaries and ProAdvisors wanted to discuss: COVID reactions, buyer inquiry types, current hot (and not so hot) industries, retiring owners, lender reactions/tips,
Hardware Store For Sale Owner InterviewHardware Store Interview With The Owner/Seller: Selling A Business Tips

Posted By: Peter Siegel MBA: BizBen Founder, Lead Advisor.   In this BizBen Podcast session, Peter Siegel, MBA the host chats with the owner about the selling of her hardware store. Topics include the history of her business, what she did to get the business ready for sale, what she wishes buyers would do differently, how she came up with the asking price.
Business Buyer Podcast On BizBenBuying A Small Business: Insider Business Buyer Strategies And Protocols

Posted By: Peter Siegel MBA: BizBen Founder, Lead Advisor.   Buying a small business is an often arduous process at best. Peter Siegel with shares his strategies on this Podcast with Brian Loring who asks all the current and essential questions successful business buyers tend to ask and get answered before buying a small to mid-sized business.

3 Results