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New Postings - Maintenance Related - 5/26/20

  Today's New And Refreshed For Sale & Wanted Postings
For Sale: Power Washing Service Company
Area: Orange County     Contact: Matt Manavi, MBA, CBB, CBI at 714-923-1222
Asking Price: $4,258,000     Annual Adjusted Net: $900,000     Down Payment: $1,000,000
This very profitable turnkey business offers power washing, and sandblasting services to commercial, industrial, and residential market segments. A very competent management team handles daily operations of the business while the owner focuses on training the key management and revenue.   Posting # 254915
For Sale: Roofing Company - Commercial, Residential
Area: SF North Bay Area     Contact: Octavino Tavizon at 510-523-0232
Asking Price: $340,000     Annual Adjusted Net: $191,136     Down Payment: Call
This is a well-established roofing company. Its current backlog of contracted work is five months. It is one of the oldest roofing companies in its area -- 62 years and has a 10-20% market share. It provides all types of roofing and re-roofing and all types of gutters and down spouts.   Posting # 260539
For Sale: Garage Enhancement Service, Dealership
Area: Marin County     Contact: Phil Holt at 510-523-0232
Asking Price: $259,000     Annual Adjusted Net: $140,000     Down Payment: Call
While the business, Golden Gate Garage Storage, is waiting out the virus, the phones continue to ring, orders are being placed and the backlog of projects to be done keeps growing. The seller has kept his installation crew on payroll so, when things get back to normal, the business should pick up   Posting # 259794
For Sale: Heating And Air Conditioning Service- Full Service
Area: San Francisco     Contact: Moon (Owner/Seller) at 415-710-6000
Asking Price: Call / Email     Annual Adjusted Net: $200,000     Down Payment: $150,000
This business is a premier Heating & Air Conditioning company serving in San Francisco Bay area since 1993. The company is a full service provider of HVAC installation to mostly commercial industrial and new construction. Business for sale or start with partnership and take over the business later.   Posting # 226484

  Fast Track Postings From Motivated Sellers And Buyers

For Sale: Outdoor Construction And Hardscape Company
Area: San Diego County     Contact: Chris Seaman at 858-254-9985
Asking Price: $2,500,000     Annual Adjusted Net: $791,641     Down Payment: $2,200,000
This well-established outdoor contracting company is a leader in the hardscape construction industry, using a turnkey system to generate a continuous stream of customer leads and to efficiently design and complete jobs that are highly profitable. The company is highly rated and well-known for doing   Posting # 260446
For Sale: Window Tint Service - Established, Good Records
Area: Hollywood, Los Angeles County     Contact: David (Owner/Seller) at 323-606-3014 Cell
Asking Price: $195,000     Annual Adjusted Net: $90,000     Down Payment: $195,000
For sale by owner. Prime Hollywood location! Residential, commercial, auto. Good books & records. Prime Location in Hollywood, LA County. Established 4 years ago. 5 Star rating on Yelp, Google. 2 bay shop. Authorized dealer. Auto, commercial and residential window film. Vinyl wrap, Paint protection,   Posting # 248173
For Sale: Window Cleaning Service - Established 37 Years
Area: Santa Cruz - Home Based     Contact: Jerry (Owner/Seller) at 831-427-1094
Asking Price: Call / Email     Annual Adjusted Net: Call / Email     Down Payment: $5,000
Owner must retire. Local business established 37 years in Santa Cruz county, California, same phone number, excellent reputation, upscale customers. Owner will provide training, equipment, consultation. Contact owner for a descriptive fact sheet with more details.   Posting # 245558
For Sale: Fire Restoration, Home Remodeling Services
Area: Central Valley - Relocatable     Contact: Orville Wright at 949-769-9099 Cell
Asking Price: $1,250,000     Annual Adjusted Net: $782,000     Down Payment: $1,250,000
Home based, relocatable. Opportunity to acquire 2 very profitable construction related businesses in California's Central Valley! Established almost 10 years ago by the current owner, this business has an outstanding reputation for providing the highest quality work!   Posting # 262723
For Sale: Plumbing And Septic Service - High Net Income
Area: Eureka, Humboldt County     Contact: Rick Carlson at 833-776-6682 X869
Asking Price: Call / Email     Annual Adjusted Net: $532,997     Down Payment: $250,000
$532k NET INCOME! 5 Years of STEADY $400k+ Earnings! Turnkey phenomenal opportunity to acquire a growing business opportunity with an established reputation and proven dominance in the local market. Buyer will need to have a state-issued C36 plumbing contractor's license to operate this business.   Posting # 263000

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  Helpful Resources To Assist In Selling And Buying California Businesses
Joe Ranieri, Business Broker: Orange, LA County Areas
Having owned retail/restaurant businesses for over 20 years, my interest turned to selling businesses rather than owning them. I specialize in LA & Orange County restaurants, fast food independents and chains, bars, & liquor stores. Call 714-292-5448 Cell/Text. 714-292-5448 Cell

Ryan Clark, Business Broker: Southern California
The Veld Group provides a refreshing approach to Business Brokerage, Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Consulting and Valuations. From Your Street to Wall Street, we cater to Main Street Businesses as well as more complex Strategic Firms and Start-Ups. Phone Ryan, Business Broker at 310-652-8353. 310-652-8353

Mani Singh CBB, M&AMI, Business Broker, Southern California
I have successfully represented clients sell & acquire multitude of businesses ranging from Gas Stations, Liquor Stores, Markets, Super Markets, Smoke Shops, Postal Stores, Restaurants, General Retail, Auto and Construction Related. Phone me for assistance with selling or buying at 951-296-7646 Cell 951-296-7646 Cell

Christina Lazuric CBI CBB, Business Broker: Orange County
Premier Brokerage for selling Orange County Service based businesses since 2005! CBB provides a step by step approach to Business Brokerage, M&A Services, Business Consulting & Valuations. Contact me about selling or buying service based businesses: 949-257-7823 Cell. 949-257-7823 Cell

Peter Siegel, MBA: Business Purchase Financing Solutions
Niche business purchase financing advisory and loan placement services with SBA and Non-SBA Financing, Retirement Fund Rollover Solutions, Combo Financing Packages. To get professionally pre-qualified or more information on the ProBuy/ProSell Programs: 925-785-3118. 925-785-3118 Cell

Lee Petsas, Business Broker: Southern California Area
Lee Petsas has been selling businesses with UBI Business Brokers in Southern CA since 1981. In 1999 he became the Owner and Broker for UBI. He has been approved multiple times by Courts as an Expert Witness in the area of Business Valuations. 714-363-0440

Harry Sidhu, CBB, Broker: SF Bay Area, Central Valley, SAC Region
Assisting both sellers and buyers of businesses - dealing mainly with Liquor Stores, Grocery Markets, Gas Stations, Smoke Shops, Restaurant Related, Retail Related, Service Related. Serving SF Bay Area, North Bay, Sacramento area. Call Harry Sidhu, CBB for assistance at 510-366-6130. 510-366-6130 Cell

Jack Oh, Business Broker: Southern California
Business broker and real estate services in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. 10 years experience with great negotiating skills. To sell a business or buy a business in the LA or Orange County Areas phone Jack and his team at 562-787-4989 Cell / Text. 562-787-4989 Cell

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