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Similar Postings For: Skilled Home Health Agency

2 Results      
Wanted: Skilled Home Health Agency In Woodland Hills Area, LA County, California
Contact: Ralph Santos: 818-731-7173, 888-736-2911
Status: Active  Posting #: 264614  Refreshed: 2/18/2021
We are looking for turn-key skilled home health past its 36-month rule provision with a healthy census of 20 Medicare insured patients (that will remain with the agency); an office staff that will commit to an either stay on with the agency with the buyer or commit to 3-months to stay with the buyer
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Wanted: In Home Senior Care Service In San Diego Area, California
Contact: Linnea Westlake CBI: 925-209-4592
Status: Active  Posting #: 264038  Refreshed: 9/24/2020
I am working with buyers from PA who are looking to acquire an established In Home Senior Care business in San Diego. They currently own a related business there and wish to expand into this market. Buyers are qualified and experienced. They own a related business in PA and would like to buy an In-Home Senior Care business in San Diego. They are targeting 100 - 200 clients. Prefer non - skilled but they are open to a mix.
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2 Results