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For Sale: Assisted Living Facility RCFE, Real Estate- 6 Beds - Santa Clarita, LA County
Posting #: 265422
Status: Active
Refreshed: 11/24/2020

Contact: Santy Lim
Phone: 818-620-3396
Phone: None Given

Price: $725,000
Adj Net: Call / Email
Down: $725,000

Short Profile: Licensed for 6 beds RCFE located on a nice and quiet street of Santa Clarita. Modern looking house with 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, living room, 2 car attached garage, solar system, sliding exit doors, corner lot, wheelchair ramps and more. Has 6 private patients making closed to $18,500 gross a mo.

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For Sale: Assisted Living Facility - Licensed For 30 - Santa Clara County
Posting #: 256859
Status: In Contract
Refreshed: 10/14/2020

Contact: Anna Marie Oviedo
Phone: 510-915-5590
Phone: None Given

Price: $5,850,000
Adj Net: Call / Email
Down: Call / Email

Short Profile: The property is a licensed for 30 Residential Elderly Facility located is a very good area accessible to the commercial centers & Highways 101 & 85. The facility is a 2 story building with a large elevator & emergency chair lift. It consists of 20 large resident rooms including 4 suites each

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For Sale: Assisted Living Facility With RE - Very Profitable - Santa Cruz County
Posting #: 263873
Status: Active
Refreshed: 10/8/2020

Contact: AJ Rana
Phone: 510-737-8500 Cell
Phone: 510-737-8500 Text

Price: $6,800,000
Adj Net: $511,307
Down: $1,830,000

Financial Profile: Purchase price $6,800,000 (quick closing price) Gross operating income (GOI) $ 1,404,645. Net operating income (NOI) $511,307. Capitalization rate:7.52 % Cash on cash return: 10.03 % Internal rate of return (IRR) 21.27 %. Down payment $ 2,040,000 (30%). SBA financing approved: $ 4,760,000.
Short Profile: Very Successful Assisted Living Facility For Sale With Real Estate! Asking price includes real estate. Note: must sign the NDA and show proof of down payment in order to know the name and address.

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For Sale: Assisted Living Placement Service - Owner Retiring - Sacramento - Home Based
Posting #: 257553
Status: Active
Refreshed: 10/4/2020

Contact: Dale Eyeler
Phone: 530-713-4757 Cell
Phone: 530-713-4757 Text

Price: $150,000
Adj Net: Call
Down: Call

Financial Profile: Business has low expenses/high profit margin based on the fact the owner has been able to keep this company headquartered at her home.
Short Profile: Business helps seniors find places to live once they can no longer live on their own. Well established, consistent revenues with an upward trend. Business helps seniors assess the type of help they require and locate facilities and amenities that fit the client's personality and budget.

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For Sale: Assisted Living Center - Six Bed, Established - Los Angeles Area
Posting #: 262930
Status: Active
Refreshed: 10/2/2020

Contact: Bibi Mohammed
Phone: 818-441-3887 Cell
Phone: 818-441-3887 Text

Price: $150,000
Adj Net: Call / Email
Down: Call / Email

Short Profile: Established six bed assisted living, fully occupied. Seller will train.

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For Sale: Elderly Care Home, Real Estate - SBA Pre-Qualified - Walnut Creek, Contra Costa
Posting #: 259605
Status: Active
Refreshed: 9/30/2020

Contact: Anna Marie Oviedo
Phone: 510-915-5590
Phone: None Given

Price: $1,098,000
Adj Net: Call / Email
Down: Call / Email

Financial Profile: Price has been reduced! Property listed price is now $898,000 plus the business listed at $200,000. Sba loan pre-qualified. Seller will train the buyer.
Short Profile: The elderly care home is centrally located close to courtyard shopping center, crossroad shopping center, family style restaurants, & large neighborhood park. The home has 5 bedrooms for the residents (4 private rooms & 1 large shared room) plus a staff room. It has a very specious backyard.

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Results: 6 Postings
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