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TruMatch Results - Potential Buyers For: Sushi/Ramen Restaurant - BW License, Absentee Run

2 Results      
Wanted: Ice Cream Stores And Parlors In Southern California, California
Contact: Damien - Business Buyer: 805-570-4978
Status: Active  Posting #: 268992  Refreshed: 8/11/2022
Fast Track Posting Wanted to buy immediately - Ice cream stores across Southern California. Cash buyer looking to make quick purchases of existing ice cream stores. Anything considered though must have verifiable books and records to review. Please call, email Damien (Buyer). Thanks.
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Wanted: Coffee Shops Coffee Carts And Coffee Drive Thrus In North And East San Diego Area, California
Contact: Eugene OConnor: 760-580-2005, 760-580-2005
Status: Active  Posting #: 250349  Refreshed: 7/26/2022
Looking for owners of Coffee Shops, Coffee Carts & Kiosk's. New or established. DRIVE THRU needed. If not in an area that has potential upside. Anywhere in San Diego County or San Diego North or South Orange County. Sold many locations and have multiple buyers on hand. Wanted even if losing money!
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2 Results