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TruMatch Results - Potential Buyers For: Package Delivery Service - Enormous Potential

6 Results      
Wanted: Security Guard Service In California, California
Contact: William - Business Buyer: 661-803-0574 Cell, 661-803-0574 Text
Status: Active  Posting #: 217305  Refreshed: 8/11/2022
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop
I am looking to buy an executive security business or security guard service anywhere in California. Have experience in the industry and have financing lined up. Looking to buy this type of business immediately. Will be willing to partner up with firms as well, PPO and PCW in addition.
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Wanted: Physical Therapy Clinic In Sacramento County Area, California
Contact: Ralph Santos: 818-731-7173, 888-736-2911
Status: Active  Posting #: 271581  Refreshed: 7/16/2022
We are looking for an established Physical Therapy clinic in Sacramento County. The buyers are two experienced and licensed physical therapists looking to relocate to California. Wanted: Gross Sales for 2021: $500,000 to $1,000,000 with a positive cash flow with no tax or EDD issues or the like.
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Wanted: Assisted Living Healthcare Facility, Real Estate In California, California
Contact: Tim Cunha: 650-600-3751, 844-237-6487
Status: Active  Posting #: 265572  Refreshed: 6/20/2022
Looking for a profitable assisted living facility, with seller-owned real estate included, in any California location. Ideally priced from $500K to $4M. Good reputation. Transferable license. Solid employee & resident base. Could be all cash or partial seller-financing, depending on tax requirements
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Wanted: Private Schools And Colleges In California, California
Contact: Iris Chen: 626-506-0300, 626-395-0717
Status: Active  Posting #: 223555  Refreshed: 6/17/2022
Buyer is looking to buy I-20 private schools (elementary, middle or high school) and colleges in California. No budget limit. Buyer has no budget limit.
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Wanted: Child Care Day Care Preschool Infant Center In Sacramento Area, California
Contact: Chelle Johnson: 916-208-8553
Status: Active  Posting #: 241434  Refreshed: 5/24/2022
Qualified Buyers seeking Preschool/infant centers in the surrounding Sacramento, Elk Grove,Roseville, Carmichael, Rancho Cordova Natomas Areas. Specifications include licensed capacity for at least 50 children up to 250 children. Buyers wanting to purchase with or without real estate. Vacant with lease, or for sale. Enrolled children 1/2 or full is okay as well.
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Wanted: Preschool In Sacramento, California
Contact: Chelle Johnson: 916-208-8553 Cell, 916-208-8553 Text
Status: Active  Posting #: 268529  Refreshed: 12/17/2021
Preschool group looking for enrollment of 40-125 children preferably. Revenue of at least $500K Gross. Price depending totally on if with Real Estate or just lease, number of children and net. Play yard. Kitchen. Real Estate Preferred
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6 Results