Wanted: Accredited Home Health Agency - 2 Locations - Pasadena and Alhambra

  • Address: Pasadena

  • Current Status: Active

  • Posting ID: 283491

  • 10/21/23

Contact: Ralph Santos At 818-731-7173 , Info@HealthcareBizBr  -  Also Email This Contact Below


We are Healthcare Biz Brokers, a niche brokerage working solely with healthcare business sales and acquisitions. We currently have two (2) active and distinct cash buyers looking for a skilled home health agency near or around the San Gabriel Valley area.

The criteria for our clients includes:

1. Preferably a newer agency with little to no Medicare Billing.

2. Active provider number with a tie-in notice in place.

3. Preferably a single owner and not multiple owners.

4. A wide southern California geographic service area.

5. Ability to relocate the agency within a 20-mile area within LA County.

6. All licenses to include the CDPH, AO, City License, and CLIA License/Waiver in place and active.

7. If a holding company is in place, this is a plus.

8. A seller willing to assist with a smooth transition.

9. An agency with no outstanding debt, no EDD claims, no liens and no judgements.

10. The seller would like to take over the existing bank account as a part of the purchase.

If you own an agency that meets the above criteria and you are looking for a fast transaction, let us know. We will discuss our commission structure and our overall services. If you are a licensed business broker and you are open to signing a co-op agreement with us, we will be willing to work with you on a transaction. If you are a finder, we will not be able to work with you.

Our contact information: Call/Text (818) 731-7173 / Info@HealthcareBizBrokers.com

NOTE: This is not an advertisement for a home health agency. We are actively looking for a home health agency for our buyers.

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  1. Name: Ralph Santos
  2. phone iconPhone: 818-731-7173
  3. phone iconPhone: Info@HealthcareBizBr

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