Wanted: Asian Restaurant - With A Full kitchen - Vallejo

  • Address: Vallejo

  • Current Status: Active

  • Posting ID: 282011

  • 8/5/23

Contact: Thomas Kim At 925-785-6256-Cell , 925-785-6256-Text  -  Also Email This Contact Below


The owners of these restaurant chain stores are expanding, looking to buy 2 more Asian restaurants to convert to their restaurant, on the East side of Interstate 80, around the Vallejo Costco. There should be a full kitchen and the size of the restaurant shall be around 2,500 sq ft, no bigger than 3,000 sq ft.

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  1. Name: Thomas Kim
  2. phone iconPhone: 925-785-6256-Cell
  3. phone iconPhone: 925-785-6256-Text

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