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Wanted: Construction, Contractor Trades Related - Northern California

  • Current Status: Active

  • Posting ID: 275828

  • 11/21/22

Contact: Paul Semenoff At 530-906-3441 Cell , 530-906-3441 Text  -  Also Email This Contact Below


Former contractor and VP of large home builder seeking construction trades or related business within a 1 hour radius of Sacramento- $200,000+ net income including salary. Down payment-Up to $300,000. Selling price-Up to $1.5M. Adjusted Net Income-$200K+. Sacramento,Placer, Solano, Yolo Counties.

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  1. Name: Paul Semenoff
  2. Phone: 530-906-3441 Cell
  3. Phone: 530-906-3441 Text

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