Wanted: Preschool, Childcare Education, Infant Toddler - Antioch, Oakley, Contra Costa

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  • 7/13/22

Contact: Chelle Johnson At 916-205-5388 , 916-208-8553 Text  -  Also Email This Contact Below


We have a qualified Buyer who is already in the Child Development/Preschool Field interested in purchasing your Preschool/Infant Toddler location. Our Buyer is looking for a Preschool/Infant Toddler Center location either vacant or operating.

The Buyer would like a facility with children at least 40-100+ license capacity. Purchase price from 50K to $499K not including any Real Estate that may be attached- Real Estate is not required. Price of Real Estate to depend on size. Buyer has combination of cash and a loan depending on the price but will also entertain a seller carry.

Looking for location already set up for school and if there is ability to expand that is a plus. Location, business and or property purchase is open to Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood and neighboring cites. Stand alone or private school only. Buyer not interested in a Franchise.

Must have a play yard. Buyer is ready to purchase March 2021--NOW.

Our transactions are always confidential in nature and we help with the transition from the Seller to the Buyer purchase as well as the Child Care Licensing process. Over 20 years in the Childcare and Preschool field.

Call to discuss.

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  1. Name: Chelle Johnson
  2. phone iconPhone: 916-205-5388
  3. phone iconPhone: 916-208-8553 Text

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