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Wanted: Credit Card Processing, Merchant Accounts - San Diego, Riverside

  • Current Status: Active

  • Posting ID: 276620

  • 12/4/22

Contact: Ray - Buyer At 619-365-5272 , 619-889-3330  -  Also Email This Contact Below


We are looking for a merchant credit card processor portfolio for sale. Your processing business must have a zero buy rate account with your processor. We are willing to work out a deal in several ways. Here are a few options:

1. Purchase your book fully

2. Buy into your book and take care of your book when you retire.

3. Do a revenue split as we keep building up the book with a first right of refusal to purchase your book

4. Put together a purchase plan with a monthly payment for the purchase of the portfolio and keep earning a major part of the residuals.

5. Any other creative terms you would like to discuss.

We are happy to have a phone call anytime.

Thank you!

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  1. Name: Ray - Buyer
  2. Phone: 619-365-5272
  3. Phone: 619-889-3330

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