Wanted: Skilled Home Health Agency - Woodland Hills Area, LA County

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  • 3/21/23

Contact: Ralph Santos At 818-731-7173-- , 888-736-2911  -  Also Email This Contact Below


We are looking for turn-key skilled home health past its 36-month rule provision with a healthy census of 20 Medicare-insured patients (that will remain with the agency); an office staff that will commit to either stay on with the agency with the buyer or commits to 3-months to stay with the buyer at their current compensation; an agency with no compliance or regulatory issues to include no billing problems.

Gross and Net Income: We are looking for an agency that has an overall positive cash flow, whether it is reflected on the tax returns or identifiable via a recasting.

Insurance: We understand that the PTAN will allow us to bill for Medicare-insured patients. If the agency has active and ongoing managed care contracts with negotiated rates at or above Medicare rates, this would be a plus.

Census: We would prefer an agency that has sustained a census for a consistent period of time either on the high end or on the low end with minimal fluctuations.

Location: We are looking for an agency in close proximity to Woodland Hills (LA County) with our intent being to relocate the business entity.

Location of Service: If possible, an agency that is licensed to cover the 5 major counties surrounding Los Angeles County.

FFE: We would prefer to maintain the integrity of the current office to include the existing FFE.

Charts: We would ask that the current seller have survey-ready charts ready prior to the close of escrow.

Survey: The business should have gone through and passed its re-accreditation survey with minimal deficiencies within the past one year.

Field Staff: Ideally, the buyer would want to have an opportunity to talk with and work with the existing field staff. Our Location of Service will encompass the San Fernando Valley and the Santa Ana area initially and we plan on branching out from these service areas to other counties.

Price: We are looking at paying the current market price based on the goodwill and financials of the entity.

We would ideally want to work with a seller who will create a positive transition with the buyer which may include a time period allotted to provide training the currently existing business systems.

Serious sellers only.

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  1. Name: Ralph Santos
  2. phone iconPhone: 818-731-7173--
  3. phone iconPhone: 888-736-2911

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