Wanted: Skilled Home Health Agency - Will Pay Market Price - Orange County

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  • 3/21/23

Contact: Ralph Santos At 818-731-7173 , 888-736-2911  -  Also Email This Contact Below


We are looking for a skilled home health agency in Orange County, preferably with the following: (1) no adverse issues with billing such as ADRs, (2) an average daily census of 25 or less, (3) no 36-month rule in place, (4) operationally up to date (e.g., documentation up to date, HR up to date), (4) no liens, judgments, or other debt (e.g., PPP Loans), (5) if staff would like to stay (a plus), (6) if census will stay (a plus), (7) re-accreditation - looking for an agency that has at least 1.5-2 years before its next accreditation survey, (8) accrediting body does not matter (ACHC is a plus), (9) referral sources (a plus), (10) we are looking to relocate the agency to another location in Orange County, and (11) managed care contracts (a plus).

We will pay the market price (will adjust the price based on goodwill and financials). We are looking to close before the end of the fiscal year 2021. Our client is a cash buyer and is not looking for terms and not looking for any type of partnership agreement.

This advertisement is being placed by the buyer's broker. We will co-op with other brokers with a written co-op agreement in place where the seller is responsible for all commissions. We will not cooperate with non-licensed finders.

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  1. Name: Ralph Santos
  2. phone iconPhone: 818-731-7173
  3. phone iconPhone: 888-736-2911

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