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Computer Consulting Service Businesses For Sale & Wanted To Buy Postings

7 Results      

For Sale: CNC Router Sales Service Training Support, Parts In San Diego, California
Contact: Patrick Marsch: 858-413-7770
Status: Active  Posting #: 275418  Refreshed: 10/1/2022
Asking Price: $450,000  Down Payment: Call / Email  Annual SDC: $150,975  Annual Gross: $2,316,853
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, Training And Support
The company provides support for CNC router customers nationwide. The company provides CNC routers for sale, CNC parts for sale, and CNC router services including Support and Training. Highly trained staff of CNC engineers. 4934 sq ft, total rent is $6,600.
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For Sale: Information Technology, Computer Support Service In Downtown Paso Robles, California
Contact: Traci Rene McMahan: 805-238-9900 X10
Status: Active  Posting #: 276363  Refreshed: 9/27/2022
Asking Price: $100,000  Down Payment: $100,000  Annual SDC: Ask  Annual Gross: $180,000
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, For Sale By Owner, Asset Sale
Established in 2000, Paso Robles Tech is a leading force in Information Technology (IT) and Computer Repair Support Services in North San Luis Obispo County. We have a broad customer base and have had to do zero advertising in the last 5 years. All business has come directly from word-of-mouth.
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For Sale: IT Consulting Firm - Steller Reputation In Northern California, California
Contact: Bill Garcia: 916-203-3395
Status: Active  Posting #: 268142  Refreshed: 8/16/2022
Asking Price: $4,500,000  Down Payment: $1,000,000  Annual SDC: $1,179,823 6 mo,  Annual Gross: 4,751,692
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, Training And Support
As the leading provider of Microsoft-based solutions with a wide range of services for the public and private sector. This firm has a stellar reputation, that provides development, infrastructure, Modern Workplace, Data Analytics and Visualization, Data Migration. 2022 Revenue for the first fiscal 6 months is $ 3,173,026, 2022 SDE for first 6 months $1,179,543. First six month EBIDTA $1,067,043.
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For Sale: Information Technology Company- IT Support Service In Sacramento County Area, California
Contact: Andrew Rogerson: 916-570-2674 Cell, 916-570-2674 Text
Status: Active  Posting #: 274575  Refreshed: 7/1/2022
Asking Price: $525,000  Down Payment: Call / Email  Annual SDC: $283,000  Annual Gross: $477,212
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, For Sale By Owner, Asset Sale, Semi Absentee Run, Absentee Run, Training And Support
This IT support business has a diverse customer base and simply enjoys the network uptime and customer service from the current owner, but it's time for him to retire. In 2021, the cash flow or Sellers Discretionary Earnings to the owner was just $283,000.
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For Sale: MSA IT Managed Services Provider In Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
Contact: Rick Carlson: 833-776-6682
Status: Active  Posting #: 268432  Refreshed: 7/6/2021
Asking Price: $7,000,000  Down Payment: Call / Email  Annual SDC: $828,627  Annual Gross: $2,444,102
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, Training And Support, Owner Financing
The Company is an IT Services firm in a large Tennessee MSA with a strong bent toward managed services. The Company offers communications services, network services, cloud services, disaster recovery, and data center management. Over 80% of the Company's clients are flat-fee managed services. Approximately 20% of the clients are legacy clients that are ”break-fix”/project based. This small organization remains nimble by leveraging outsourcing whenever possible for things that are outside of core competencies, ie, for things like structured cabling and printer repair.
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For Sale: Logistics Assistive Technology Company In Los Angeles County Area, California
Contact: Rick Carlson: 833-776-6682
Status: Active  Posting #: 267731  Refreshed: 5/28/2021
Asking Price: Call / Email  Down Payment: Call / Email  Annual SDC: $850,000  Annual Gross: $4,800,000
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, Training And Support
We are representing a specialized governmental logistics and assistive technology Company. Based on their value proposition and their reach within the Governmental agencies they are working with there is essentially no real competition for this firm.
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For Sale: Data Wire And Cabling Installation And Maintenance In Los Angeles, California
Contact: Robert Fahrenhorst: 714-255-8862
Status: Active  Posting #: 223834  Refreshed: 10/12/2020
Asking Price: Call  Down Payment: Call  Annual SDC: $2,104,551  Annual Gross: $8,611,650
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, Training And Support
Systems integrator for government and corporate sectors. Contracts in place with their top clients. Business is growing in their current fiscal year and revenues for 2017 is estimated to reach $10m.
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7 Results      

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