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For Sale: Laundromat - Cypress Area

This is a nearly new (only 2yrs old) fully equipped maytag laundromat that needs a local owner to make it a real success. You can drive by this laundromat located at 6349 lincoln (between knott and valley view) in the city of Cypress to view it yourself. You can also visit our website for more info. Attributes: Home Based, Training & Support

Status Of This Posting

NOTE: This BizBen Posting #158638 Laundromat in Cypress Area is currently INACTIVE Today (Either: It's In Escrow, It's Sold, or Is Off The Market Temporarily) - Please See Today's ACTIVE Postings below that match this posting's attributes. For your convenience there are also helpful links below to assist you in your search to buy or sell a small to mid-sized business that matches your criteria. Thank you for using

Today's Active Postings That Match This Search Criteria

For Sale: Laundry - Retooled, Remodeled, Well Located In Orange County, California
Contact: Chuck Post or Chris : 619-227-5711, 949-878-2755
Status: Active  Posting #: 270980  Refreshed: 3/4/2022
Asking Price: $520,000  Down Payment: Call / Email  Annual SDC: $100,000+  Annual Gross: $240,000+
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, Training And Support
Gross Monthly Sales averaging $21K+ since November 2020 through October 2021. Net Income averages $8,400.00 Monthly. This laundry was retooled in 2018 with new Speed Queen Washers and 1/2 of the Dryers were also replaced. The laundry was remodeled and the lease was realigned to fit the investment. Reported sales have averaged slightly over $21,000.00 Monthly, but recent increased vend rates and season are offering stronger numbers. This laundry does not rely on ancillary business at this time. Reported monthly profits average $8,394.00.
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For Sale: Dry Cleaners - Semi Absentee Run In Orange County, California
Contact: Sara Vaziri: 949-426-5067 Cell, 949-426-5067 Text
Status: Active  Posting #: 271796  Refreshed: 6/20/2022
Asking Price: $350,000  Down Payment: Call / Email  Annual SDC: $180,000  Annual Gross: $500,000
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, Semi Absentee Run, Training And Support
This business fosters a great deal of goodwill and there are growth opportunities in the Pick Up / Delivery for Residential and Office. Located in a nice, clean strip plaza surrounded by complementary businesses. They are well known in the Orange County Hotel Industry and serve multiple hotels. List Price: $350,000 Cash Flow: $180,000 Total Sales: $500,000 Rent: $4,000 / 1250 SF. 6 FT Employees / Semi Absentee Run
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For Sale: Coin Laundry In Buena Park, Orange County, California
Contact: Diane Kwon: 213-999-9500
Status: Active  Posting #: 256081  Refreshed: 10/11/2020
Asking Price: Call or Email  Down Payment: $35-40% SBA  Annual SDC: Call or Email  Annual Gross: Call or Email
Attributes: Semi Absentee Run, Absentee Run, Training And Support
Well-established Coin Laundry in a busy location in Buena Park. Busy coin laundry with great visibility in an established area. Located in a shopping center on a prime location with ample parking and easy in and out access. This coin laundry has stable income and regular customers
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For Sale: Coin Laundry - In Big Shopping Center In Orange County, California
Contact: Joe Sales: 714-363-0440, 714-269-1770
Status: Active  Posting #: 272481  Refreshed: 6/30/2022
Asking Price: $119,000  Down Payment: Cash  Annual SDC: Call / Email  Annual Gross: $100,000
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, Training And Support
This is a very nice Laundromat in a big shopping center with a Major Hispanic Super market in center as the Anchor. Very large parking lot in the center and a ton of foot traffic. This laundromat does not currently offer fluff and fold service. Annual sales of $100,000. Call for profits.
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Wanted: Coin Or Card Laundry In Orange County, California
Contact: James - Business Buyer: 949-885-6192 Cell, 949-885-6192 Text
Status: Active  Posting #: 274028  Refreshed: 6/29/2022
I'm looking for a coin/card laundromat with a minimum of 2,000 sq ft, highly profitable, located in a great dense location with high visibility in Orange County. It should be approximately 30-minute drive from Irvine. Dated equipment and machines are okay but should be reflected in the selling price
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For Sale: Commercial Laundry - Asset Sale, Fully Equipped In South Orange County, California
Contact: Jack Oh: 562-544-6863
Status: Active  Posting #: 269506  Refreshed: 9/12/2021
Asking Price: $75,000  Down Payment: Call / Email  Annual SDC: Call / Email  Annual Gross: $600,000
Attributes: Asset Sale, Training And Support
Commercial laundry facility in South Orange County. Seller used to gross around 50-60k per month. Most of the clients were hotel/motel and medical offices. Fully equipped. Add dry cleaning machine to do more business. Asset sale.
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For Sale: Coin Laundry - Clean, Nice, Absentee Run In Fullerton, Orange County, California
Contact: Joe Sales: 714-363-0440, 714-269-1770
Status: Active  Posting #: 274504  Refreshed: 6/29/2022
Asking Price: $165,000  Down Payment: Call / Email  Annual SDC: $30,000  Annual Gross: $66,000
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, Semi Absentee Run, Absentee Run
Nice clean Laundromat in the heart of old town Fullerton near lots of apartment building and rental properties. 1 change dispenser. 1 soap detergent soap vending dispenser. 6 triple load Dexter commercial washers 3 load. 2/ 6 load mega load Dexter commercial washer, 4/ 4 load Dexter commercial wash
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For Sale: Coin Laundromat - Turnkey, Great Opportunity In Santa Ana, Orange County, California
Contact: Elite Biz: 818-787-8881
Status: Active  Posting #: 273449  Refreshed: 5/18/2022
Asking Price: $305,000  Down Payment: Call / Email  Annual SDC: Call / Email  Annual Gross: Call / Email
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, Training And Support
This turnkey coin laundromat in east Santa Ana has been well kept and is a great opportunity for both new and experienced owners. The equipment is in great condition and parking is ample. The store has a room that could easily be converted for a fluff and fold service. Very motivated seller!
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For Sale: Coin Operated Laundry - Very Busy In Placentia, Orange County, California
Contact: Joe Sales: 714-363-0440, 714-363-0440
Status: Active  Posting #: 272482  Refreshed: 6/15/2022
Asking Price: $165,000  Down Payment: Cash  Annual SDC: Call / Email  Annual Gross: $175,000
Attributes: Broker-Broker Coop, Semi Absentee Run
The owner is heavily involved with his other business and has no time to run this one, Lots of foot traffic in this center which is surrounded by apartments, homes, schools and businesses, a great location to add fluff and fold service because of its size. $14,580 sales per month. Call for profits.
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For Sale: Laundromat - Semi Absentee Run, High Traffic In Fullerton, Orange County, California
Contact: Tony Ly: 626-622-1117, 626-814-4752
Status: Active  Posting #: 272752  Refreshed: 3/7/2022
Asking Price: $358,000  Down Payment: Call / Email  Annual SDC: $81,252  Annual Gross: $157,320
Attributes: Semi Absentee Run, Training And Support
This established coin operated laundromat is located in an excellent strip mall with great visibility in a high traffic area of Fullerton, CA. It has easy in and out access and excellent parking. This coin laundry has a good mix of equipment. This is a must see!
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