Wanted: Small Cocktail Space - High Quality - Tucson

  • Address: Tucson

  • Current Status: Active

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  • 10/23/23

Contact: Hank Miller At 310-704-7075 ,  -  Also Email This Contact Below


I intend to launch a craft cocktail bar focused on serving high-quality drinks, with recipes fine-tuned through the aid of a home-built software algorithm to achieve flawless balance. I plan on operating, at least at first, with minimum staffing. For these reasons, I am looking for a small space, ideally in the ballpark of 400 square feet, with an annual rent limit on the order of $10,000.

To maximize opportunities, I am considering the following list of options, which I believe exhaust the range of possibilities:

1) a traditional stand-alone leased space, an unused room in a restaurant or other institution, which I could sublease

2) a shared space with another business that closes somewhat early in the day, so that I could run the bar in the evening.

In this arrangement, we would split the rent. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

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  1. Name: Hank Miller
  2. phone iconPhone: 310-704-7075
  3. phone iconPhone:

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