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Arka Kargodorian, Auto Related Broker Specialist: SF Bay Area

Contact: Arka Kargodorian, Auto Related Broker Specialist: SF Bay Area

Company: Liberty Business Advisors Of San Francisco, Inc.

Phones: 925-818-1679 Cell , 925-818-1679 Text

Specializing in assisting buyers and sellers with 1. Smog Shops 2. Auto Repair & Tire services within a 100 mile radius from Walnut Creek.

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For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 925-818-1679 Cell and 925-818-1679 Text.
Hard To Buy A Business
Defining Sellers Discretionary Cash

About Arka Kargodorian, Auto Related Broker Specialist: SF Bay Area

Specializing in assisting buyers and sellers with 1. Smog Shops 2. Auto Repair & Tire services within a 100 mile radius from Walnut Creek.

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This is a 3 bay repair shop located in a gas station at the corner of two extremely busy commercial roads by the freeway entrance/exits in an affluent town along route 680. If visibility is important to you, you'll really like this center! There is about $5,000.00 of inventory (oil, tires, filters)   Posting #: 266647   Posted by: Arka Kargodorian.
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Same owner past 13 years. Seller willing to carry 30% of purchase price. Open 5 days/wk. Revenue numbers include closed for 45 days due to COVID. Good visibility by major road and freeway intersection. Monthly rent $2,500. . About 27% of the sales generated from minor repairs.   Posting #: 263986   Posted by: Arka Kargodorian.
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This is a 20 year old fence business owned by the seller (husband & wife) and operated with the help of four installers & one estimator.. The business installs and repairs entrance gates,retaining walls, as well as wood, iron, chain, and corral fences. They serve the Sacramento Valley & foothills.   Posting #: 264845   Posted by: Arka Kargodorian.
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Open M-F only 9:00 to 5:00. Banker's hours! Same owner for 35 years. Seller will train. Has a large base of loyal customers. There is no website at the moment. Seller willing to carry a promissory note of $40,000. Store is about 2,800 sq. ft. and buyer may use more space at no extra rent.   Posting #: 261449   Posted by: Arka Kargodorian.
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Specializing in assisting buyers and sellers with 1. Smog Shops 2. Auto Repair & Tire services within a 100 mile radius from Walnut Creek.
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Smog test shop. Absentee owner. Currently run by 2 FT technicians and a PT service writer. Located on a large lot. Verifiable financials via third party statements. Financials can be easily verified. Gross revenue: $540,256. Cost of goods: $111,067. Total expenses: $265,013. Net profit $164,176.   Posting #: 265926   Posted by: Arka Kargodorian.
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