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Peter Siegel, MBA: Founder of SBALoanAdvisors.com is a finance specialist assisting clients with obtaining SBA large loans ($500K to $5M). Nationwide coverage. Call to discuss your situation & get professionally pre-qualified for buying (for buyers) or selling a business. Call/Text 925-785-3118.

About Peter Siegel, MBA

You may know me as the Founder of BizBen.com, but for the past 25+ years, I have also been specializing in assisting those buying & selling "large" small businesses with "large" SBA loans: $500K to $5M+ (SBALoanAdvisors.com) on a Nationwide basis.

Call today - 925-785-3118 for a written Pre-Qual letter for either buying (for buyers) or selling (sellers or brokers) a business.

My Advisory & Large SBA Loan Placement Services Include:

- NATIONWIDE Coverage - PLP Status - 7a or 504 Loans
- Professional Pre-Flights & Pre-Quals On Individuals & Deals (or Submit A Package)
- Loan Transparency On All Loans
- Expedited Status In Underwriting & Closing

Let Me Assist You With These Types Of Large SBA Loans:

- Business Purchases (Purchase Price Of $600K to $10M)
- Business With Real Estate Purchases (Purchase Price Of $600K to $10M)
- Working Capital Or Business Improvement/Enhancement
- Refinance Existing Loans Or Financing (Debt Reconciliation)
- Equipment Purchases
- Partner Buy Outs, Key Employee(s) Business Purchase
- Real Estate Purchase For Business Purposes Or Expansion

I look forward to working with you on existing and future businesses, franchise (resales), professional practices that need large SBA loan assistance Nationwide - either getting them pre-flighted, pre-qualified or loan packages submitted.

Please contact me direct at SBALoanAdvisors.com at 925-785-3118 (Phone/Text) Direct - anytime to dicuss your SBA/financing needs, get a written pre-qual letter for either for either buying (for buyers) or selling (sellers or brokers) a business. 

For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 925-785-3118

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Blog: Seller Expectations With SBA Loan Financing: Why Sellers Should Be Vetted

It is not uncommon for business Owner/Sellers to get uncomfortable when a potential Buyer requires a SBA loan to purchase the Seller's business. Often times Owner/Sellers will say "the Buyer is the one getting the loan; why am I the one under the microscope?" This blog post addresses this topic. Contributor: Peter Siegel, MBA


Blog: Add Backs: Defining Sellers Discretionary Income When Buying A Small Business

The use of add backs & sellers discretionary cash is common among sellers of businesses when showing their financial information & explaining that the buyer will actually enjoy more profit than is shown. But buyers are cautioned to review documents closely. Peter Siegel, MBA with BizBen explains. Contributor: Peter Siegel, MBA


Blog: How To Show Add Backs And Cash Flow To Get SBA Loan Financing

When seeking large SBA business acquisition financing loans, it helps to review seller's add backs (cash flow analysis) as a source of funding to service the debt. Peter Siegel, MBA - SBALoanAdvisors.com Founder covers this specific topic for business buyers, owner/sellers, agents, business brokers. Contributor: Peter Siegel, MBA


Blog: Free Webinar Series: SBA Large Loan Financing: Insider Tips And Strategies

This webinar is designed for business buyers, owner/sellers, business brokers, agents, and advisors who can benefit on the latest information and strategies on procuring large SBA loans to buy or sale a "large" small business - typically priced between $500K to $10M. Peter Siegel, MBA is the host. Contributor: Peter Siegel, MBA


Blog: Getting Professionally Prequalified, Vetted: Getting SBA Loans Approved

SBA large loan expert and advisor Peter Siegel, MBA (BizBen.com & SBALoanAdvisors.com Founder) shares his views and experience for getting the right SBA loan for larger deals, getting deals professionally prequalified & analyzed, and getting that loan through underwriting with fewer complications! Contributor: Peter Siegel, MBA


Blog: Business Acquisition SBA Loan Financing Expert Give Tips On Proving Cash Flow

What are actual adjusted net earnings (cash flow) of a small business being purchased with business acquisition SBA Loan financing? That's an important amount that lenders need to know. Peter Siegel, MBA (BizBen.com, SBALoanAdvisors.com Founder) reviews this important concept with BizBen Blog users. Contributor: Peter Siegel, MBA


Discussions: SBA Loans To Buy A Business: What Are Some Common Myths?

When seeking SBA loan financing many potential business buyers have wrong information about the process of securing the best financing to buy a business. Peter Siegel, MBA a business purchase financing expert delves into the myths regarding SBA financing and business purchase financing. Contributor: Peter Siegel, MBA

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Buying a gas station can be a profitable business. From my experience, here are the pros & cons of buying a gas station that I share with BizBen ProBuy Buyers when they come to me to to get pre-qualified for financing to buy a gas station (with or without real estate). I discuss all these factors. Contributor: Peter Siegel, MBA

Back Up Offers Crucial When Buying Or Selling

Discussions: What Type Of Restaurant Business Financing Is Available To Buy A Restaurant?

In this Discussion, we define financing options available to potential restaurant buyers when purchasing a small to mid-sized restaurant business (with or without real estate). When it comes to financing a restaurant purchase, potential restaurant buyers have several options to choose from. Contributor: Peter Siegel, MBA

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