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Premier Brokerage for selling Orange County Service based businesses since 2005! CBB provides a step by step approach to Business Brokerage, M&A Services, Business Consulting, & Valuations. Deal with a professional. Contact me about selling or buying service based businesses: 949-257-7823 Cell/Text.

About Christina Lazuric CBB, CBI

California's Premier Brokerage for Selling Orange County Service Based Businesses since 2005!

Nobody understands SERVICE based businesses like CBB. We have been specializing in the service business sector for over decade. CBB provides a step by step approach to Business Brokerage, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Consulting and Valuations. We work on creating the best possible presentation for your business so that buyers see the value in what you have created.

Do you own a business that provides a service to others? Selling a service business is different and requires a different approach. Often, this type of business comes with little to no hard assets. CBB specializes in helping buyers see the value in the cash flow and not necessarily the assets involved.

Trust California Business Brokers to get your service business sold for the best price, fast & hassle free!

Deal with a professional - Get professional results!

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For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 949-257-7823 Cell and 949-257-7823 Text

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Blog: When To Sell Your Small Business - Many Factors Play A Part

Determining the right time to sell a private business is as much an art as a science, because there are so many factors at play and each business is unique. The timing of a business sale is critical. Christina Lazuric, CBI, Orange County Business Broker discusses this topic on this BizBen Blog post. Contributor: Christina Lazuric, CBI


Blog: Before You Select A Business Broker - Do They Co-Broker?

To receive the fullest exposure for selling their business, small business owner/sellers should make sure their listing broker or agent is co-operating with other business brokers and agents on their deal. Christina Lazuric a Orange County business broker discusses this topic with BizBen Users. Contributor: Christina Lazuric, CBI, CBB


Blog: When Seemingly Smart Buyers Make Fatally Not So Smart Decisions!

If you are buying a small business, you probably have really good ideas about changes you would like to implement and ideas to sell more, be more efficient and more organized. Christina Lazuric an Orange County business broker chats about business buyers and their decision making processes. Contributor: Christina Lazuric CBI, CBB


Blog: Landlord Issues: Working With Landlords When Selling Or Buying A Business

As a business broker, one of the most difficult parts of my job is dealing with landlords. Orange County is synonymous for unscrupulous landlords, and complicated, one sided leases. Christina Lazuric an Orange County Business Broker discusses dealing with landlords. Contributor: Christina Lazuric, CBI


Blog: Selling Your Business - The Emotional Side Of Business Brokering

The first broker I ever worked for said, "Every deal you have will die at least 5 times before it closes. How you handle that, will determine whether you can survive doing this for a living." As I enter my 11th year doing this, I still smile at that memory because it is as true today as it was then. Contributor: Christina Lazuric CBI, CBB


Blog: Buying A Tax Service Business Or CPA Firm

Southern California business broker Christina Lazuric discusses strategies for buying tax practices and accounting businesses for sale. Contributor: Christina Lazuric, CBI

Bill Ziprick Attorney

Blog: What I Learned About Earn Outs - Advice From A Business Broker

Christina Lazuric, a business broker in Southern California explores earn-outs and her experiences of structuring one on her latest deal. Contributor: Christina Lazuric, CBI


Blog: Understanding Seller Discretionary Earnings

Christina Lazuric, an Orange County Business Broker shares her views with BizBen.com blog readers on understanding seller discretionary earnings when buying or selling a small business for sale. Contributor: Christina Lazuric, CBI


Blog: Considerations When Buying A Wholesale, Distribution Business

I've sold many wholesale/distribution businesses and there are some particular things that you should considering when making the decision to purchase this type of business. Christina Lazuric is an Orange County Business Broker shares her experiences of working with these types of businesses. Contributor: Christina Lazuric, CBI


Blog: Looking To Buy A Business? Don't Disregard Older Listings!

Most potential business buyers think that they have seen everything that there is to see when looking to buy a California small business. A great strategy overlooked is to go back and review mature business for sale listings. Business broker Christina Lazuric explains why in her latest blog post/article. Contributor: Christina Lazuric, CBI


Blog: What to Expect When Selling Your Tax Practice Or CPA Firm

The more prepared you are the better the transaction will go, so here are a few tips and guidelines that should better prepare you for selling your tax practice or CPA firm. Specialist business broker Christina Lazuric covers this topic. Contributor: Christina Lazuric, CBI

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