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Dan Jacuzzi, Business Broker: Sacramento Area, Foothills

Contact: Dan Jacuzzi, Business Broker: Sacramento Area, Foothills

Company: Century 21 Commercial

Phones: 530-518-5635 Cell , 530-518-5635 Text

CENTURY 21 Select Real Estate, Inc. professionals can help you realize your dream of owning your own business; these private enterprises range from manufacturing businesses to retail boutiques. Our associates will help identify appropriate opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

Email Dan A Question Or Comment Below

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For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 530-518-5635 Cell and 530-518-5635 Text.
Seller Selling Without Financials
Why Businesses Do Not Sell

About Dan Jacuzzi, Business Broker: Sacramento Area, Foothills

CENTURY 21 Select Real Estate, Inc. professionals can help you realize your dream of owning your own business; these private enterprises range from manufacturing businesses to retail boutiques.

Our associates will help identify appropriate opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Anyone can give you advice on buying or selling a business but only one of our associates can give you the best advice.

That's why more and more people are looking beyond the opinion of friends, accountants, and lawyers and are turning to CENTURY 21 Select Real Estate, Inc. Commercial Division for their business.

See All Of Dan's Contributions & Postings Below

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CENTURY 21 Select Real Estate, Inc. professionals can help you realize your dream of owning your own business; these private enterprises range from manufacturing businesses to retail boutiques. Our associates will help identify appropriate opportunities for both buyers and sellers.
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Begun as a tiny tool store in 1986, skyway tool center is now a 5000 sq. ft. retail tool store located in beautiful Chico, California. A family owned and operated tool business, skyway tool center opened skywaytools. com in 1995. In 2005 the tool store owners built a new tool store after renting.   Posting #: 267070   Posted by: Larry Featherston.
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This restaurant was established 2001 by the currant owners and is very well known throughout all of California. It has been featured in many publications over the years. The most notable are Lonely Planet and Sunset Magazine. It has a reputation of being a pioneer of the local food movement.   Posting #: 266569   Posted by: Ron Nevis.
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Exclusive territory and primary warehouse for 103 zip code from yuba city on the south chico and west side i-5 to grass valley, quincy and north to burney ca. Warehoused in chico ca. For ease of delivery. Inventory training include in the price.Clean neat and computer organized for ease of inventory   Posting #: 262773   Posted by: Larry Featherston.
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We have now at PARK N' SELL. All types of used vehicles that may be available; cars, trucks, SUVs, trailers, 5th wheels, and motorcycles. Financing available! A business that is in demand! Good history of sales and profits. Inventory and accounts receivable included at asking price.   Posting #: 265747   Posted by: Larry Or Michelle.
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Oro dam bait EZ bait, and tackle, frozen & fresh, includes worms fresh on the market. Crickets bugs frozen eel, sardines anchovies plus eggs. Top of the line equipment wall in box & wall in freezer. Delivery ability to cover the 215 customers. Business & Real estate can be purchased separately.   Posting #: 265533   Posted by: Larry or Taylor.
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Hard To Buy A Business

Low Success Rate Business Buying
BizBen Sessions Podcast Live Show

A restaurant, Deli, C-Store, and Gas Station on a large lot and large building with lots of place for expansion to build a pizzeria or another restaurant. Currently a good business with room to expand. Nice and clean business. Room to expand. Easy to get in and get out. Corner lot, ingress/egress   Posting #: 266152   Posted by: Jasdip Singh.
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Arco AMPM with Real Estate. Dutch Bros as a long-term Tenant. In opportunity zone, an established Arco ampm gas station with Real Estate for sale. The station qualifies for SBA loan.   Posting #: 261795   Posted by: Larry Featherston .
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The gas station also has commercial fueling station with easy access for Semi trucks with trailers. Stable sales from nearby residential area and commercial/industrial surrounding businesses. Real estate included! New contracts can be made with nearby commercial & industrial businesses   Posting #: 265948   Posted by: Jasdip Singh.
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Profitable Chevron gas station with very low competition. A real turn key business! Buyer are required to completely fill our our 'confidential buyer profile' and our 'NDA' before asking any information regarding this station. Easy to get in and out, Very Busy C-Store with High Margins!   Posting #: 264563   Posted by: Jasdip Singh.
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Looking for a larger, more versatile space for a dream restaurant? Everything you need to open a fine dining restaurant, cafe, or wine bar is ready for occupancy. The eleven-year home of best of chico legacy restaurant is packed to the gills with the best of dining and cooking fixtures and more.   Posting #: 261246   Posted by: Maya Noble-Larry.
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High profit margin unbranded gas station. Clean neat and profitable 6 dispensers. With diesel! Good neighborhood regular customer beer-wine. Easily Run with limited workers. High profit margin unbranded. Clean neat and profitable 6 dispensers with diesel!   Posting #: 197737   Posted by: Larry Featherston.
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Questions Buyers Should Ask Sellers
Should You Give Buyers Tax Return

13 Critical Items Selling A Business

Seller financing to well qualified buyer for this newly rebuilt in 2014, this has 2,578 SF with 700 SF outbuilding. All new with permits all new equipment with a complete kitchen ready to be installed. Only market in the area. Established in 1943 complete upgraded in 2014.   Posting #: 231816   Posted by: Larry Featherston.
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Main street liquor store for sale. Located downtown on main street. Lots of working class customers. Good growth potential for in store sales. 33% owner margin in sales. Lots of traffic with Jim Boys, McDonald's and coffee drive-thru restaurants. Sellers motivated. Will look at offers.   Posting #: 192615   Posted by: Larry Featherston.
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ABC License type 21. Off Sale General Liquor License for Sutter County is for sale. Can be used anywhere in Sutter County, CA.   Posting #: 253558   Posted by: Jasdip Singh.
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Seevs'a pub and food, the place to go for a drink food and pool game. Bands on regular bases new dance floor and yes a pole for the adventurist. Yo-go orders or prepared and eat on site. Great bar drinks and selection is top of the line. The best atmosphere for the friendly gathering with security.   Posting #: 259083   Posted by: Larry Featherston.
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