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J. Back & Associates Restaurant Real Estate was founded in 1988 as the first SF Bay Area firm to specialize exclusively in restaurants. I am the past President of Charley Browns restaurants & have been involved in the restaurant business for over 35 years. Call 925-736-8200.

About Jeff Back

J. Back & Associates Restaurant Real Estate was founded in 1988 as the first bay area real estate company to specialize exclusively in restaurant real estate. I am the past President of Charley Browns restaurants and have been involved in the restaurant business for over 35 years.

I specialize in the sale and leasing of restaurants, bars, and provide expert witness testimony in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento region.

I have personally handled hundreds of past transactions and I am glad to assist sellers with a free detailed evaluation of their restaurant business.

For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 925-736-8200 Cell and 925-736-8200 Text

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For Sale: Cafe Restaurant - Deck Seating, On The Water - Mill Valley, Marin County

Price reduction! This Mill Valley, CA cafe is set up for food service to serve the Mill Valley market palace with an outside entrance, facing the parking lot, and has deck seating on the bay in a wonderful setting on the water. The inside of the facility is approximately 526 sq ft. + outside dining.   Posting #: 273856   Posted by: Jeff Back.


For Sale: Restaurant Bar And Grill - Downtown Area - Downtown Danville

Landmark Danville Bar & Grill established 35 years with strong net income and sales. This very successful and popular Bar and Grill in downtown Danville has been established over 35 years. It serves the upscale community of Danville with great burgers, salads, sandwiches, entrees,   Posting #: 275137   Posted by: Jeff Back.


For Sale: Dog Haus Franchise- Strong Brand Franchise Concept - San Francisco Bay Area

Dog Haus is a strong brand franchise concept. Semi absentee. Very well located near other high volume chain restaurants and entertainment. Profitable established Dog Haus franchised fast casual cafe specializing in proprietary hot dogs sausages, burgers and other casual items. Fulltime manager.   Posting #: 270792   Posted by: Jeff Back.


Blog: Buying A Restaurant? Check Its Karma - Tips From A Restaurant Broker

Jeff Back a San Francisco Bay Area broker specialist who specializes in selling restaurants discusses what he looks for when sizing up a potential restaurant for sale. Restaurants have Karma! A restaurant's Karma is something you feel the moment you walk into a restaurant. Contributor: Jeff Back


Blog: Buying A Restaurant: 5 Myths Restaurant Buyers Should Know About

So often we hear about the keys to success in the restaurant business and we tend to take them for granted because they seem so logical. But what seems so logical just doesn't hold up to be true. Here are some of the most frequently sited principles for success that are simply myths. Contributor: Jeff Back


Blog: Working With The ABC - Inside Look At Liquor Licenses

A restaurant and bar specialty business broker gives us the inside look at California ABC liquor licenses - tips you won't find in an official manual! Jeff Back a Northern California restaurant/bar specialty broker covers the topic of liquor licenses and working with the ABC. Contributor: Jeff Back


Blog: Good Management Beats A Good Location When Buying A Restaurant

It's not just a good location when buying a restaurant. What makes a difference time and time again is the difference in management. Good management is the key to success. Jeff Back, restaurant sales specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area discusses this topic. Contributor: Jeff Back


Blog: Valuing A Restaurant: What Is It Really Worth?

Jeff Back founder of J. Back & Associates Restaurant Real Estate discusses restaurant valuations and his view on this matter. Contributor: Jeff Back

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Discussions: What Is The Difference Between An LOI And A Purchase Agreement?

Was discussing this question/topic with a potential restaurant buyer the other day about the differences between a Letter Of Intent and a Business Purchase Agreement. I sell restaurants and buyers typically get ask about which document they should submit when making an offer on a business. Contributor: Jeff Back

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