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Jim Moazez, Zoom Business Brokers. Our team of industry veterans embodies over 100 years of collective real-world experience and will provide you with mindful expertise and resources to buy, sell or merge your business with their decades of training & practice and an extensive relationship network.

About Jim Moazez

Our team of industry veterans embodies over 100 years of collective real-world experience and will provide you with mindful expertise and resources to buy, sell or merge your business with their decades of training and practice and an extensive relationship network.

Regardless of your business size, industry or locale, our qualified brokers are relentless in our innovative approach to fully and efficiently service your needs – from expert guidance to transactions – that will ultimately save you valuable time and money and allow you to remain focused on what you do best in running your business.

Along with the endorsement of the most established business brokerage support company, we pride ourselves on an honest, attentive and reliable approach in offering the following services to our clients:

· Business Sales

· Mergers & Acquisitions

· Business Valuation

· Opinion of Value Report

· Pre-Sale Consultation

· Exit Strategy

Our brokers embrace collaboration and are carefully selected for our team because of their integrity and professionalism.

We are tenacious in our objective to provide exceptional service, and in doing so our team is uncompromising in protecting your confidential information and aligning the interests of all parties for mutual success.

The rigorous, industry-leading training of our brokers results in sound, smart advice and the highest professional standards that we employ in providing you with support that is both reliable and creative as we facilitate your business transactions.

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For Sale: Busy Laundromat with Excellent Location - Los Angeles County

Don't miss this Established business self-serve coin-operated Laundromat in an excellent location in the heavily populated city of Los Angeles. Many apartments nearby have a lot of repeat customers.   Posting #: 279768   Posted by: Peter Magaziotis.


For Sale: Turn Key and Profitable Breakfast Lunch Cafe - Long Beach

This very well-established cafe has been delighting customers with its home-style breakfast and lunch creations. The ambiance is light and clean with friendly service. Located in a nice strip plaza surrounded by business districts and residential communities. Short business hours from 7 am to 2 pm.   Posting #: 279770   Posted by: Peter Magaziotis.


For Sale: Fast Food Drive Thru - Remodeled - Brea

Recently remodeled and ready for business, large corner fast food Hamburger restaurant on a very busy street and next to many businesses and apartments. Excellent sales.   Posting #: 278656   Posted by: Peter Magaziotis.


For Sale: 36 Yr Old Communications Sales and Service Co - Santa Fe

Established in 1987, this Communications Company specializes in 2-Way radios with a niche market in sales, installations, and repair. They are also an established Manufacturer Warranty Repair Center for its brands. They provide services to school districts, hospitals, ambulance companies, and more.   Posting #: 279769   Posted by: Sara Vaziri, MBA.


For Sale: Jewelry Wholesaler - Well Established - Los Angeles County

This family-owned and operated wholesale jewelry business is one of the oldest most established jewelry wholesalers dominant in Southern California. Long-term established relationships with suppliers and customers make this a great opportunity.   Posting #: 279729   Posted by: Jim Moazez.


For Sale: Grocery Stores - 2 Units, ABC License - Los Angeles County

The sellers established the first branch of this grocery store business to provide residents with fresh, locally sourced groceries about seventeen years ago. They expanded nine years later to a second location and added more options such as fresh salads, side dishes, made-to-order sandwiches, etc.   Posting #: 278102   Posted by: Jim Moazez.


For Sale: Gourmet Grocery Store - Owner Financing - Manhattan Beach

This Farmers Market-style neighborhood grocery store is located in the heart of the densely populated South Bay. It is family-run and operated with key staff in place. The sellers started their business with a specialty in providing fresh farm produce.   Posting #: 278094   Posted by: Jim Moazez.


For Sale: Fleet Washing Service - 35 Years Established - California

In this business, the owner and a part-time employee have long-term arrangements to wash recognized brands' fleets weekly or biweekly. That makes it an attractive recurring revenue business model. This business has grown organically through 35 years without any advertisement.   Posting #: 276811   Posted by: Sara Vaziri, MBA.

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For Sale: Grocery Store - Catering And Delivery - Los Angeles County

This wonderful neighborhood grocery store is located in Downtown Los Angeles in a quaint retail plaza. It is family-run and operated. There is ample parking. It is surrounded by both residential and other commercial businesses. The store was opened in 2015 and has expanded to offer delivery.   Posting #: 278083   Posted by: Jim Moazez.


For Sale: Absentee Run Gym Great Location Amazing Potential - Orange County

This is one of those unique opportunities that is the closest you can get to absentee ownership in the small business world while making good money. At the same time, there is a great opportunity for a personal trainer who uses the Gym for his or her own clients and makes more money.   Posting #: 279641   Posted by: Sara Vaziri, MBA.


Resource: Jim Moazez, Business Broker: Southern California

Jim Moazez, Zoom Business Brokers. Our team of industry veterans embodies over 100 years of collective real-world experience and will provide you with mindful expertise and resources to buy, sell or merge your business with their decades of training & practice and an extensive relationship network.


For Sale: Pest Control and Fumigation Company w High Profit - Los Angeles County

Full-service Pest extermination and fumigation company in Southern LA County has continuously been very profitable for 35 years. The company is licensed as a branch 1 structural fumigation, branch 2 residential and commercial pest control, and branch 3 termite inspection and repair company.   Posting #: 279439   Posted by: Roger Civalleri.


For Sale: Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer, Contractor - Los Angeles County

This opportunity comprises two separate businesses strategically working together in the custom-made kitchen and bath remodeling industry. This is a custom-designed cabinet manufacturing company with a significant manufacturing facility in Mexico and a recently upgraded showroom in the heart of LA.   Posting #: 279273   Posted by: Sara Vaziri, MBA, M..


For Sale: Tex Mex Fast Food Franchise - Turnkey, Est 1999 - Costa Mesa, Orange County

This Franchise Tex Mex style eatery serves a nice variety of simple BBQs, Mexican favorites, salads, and sides. This nice business serves affordable meals and 'family-style' portions known for fresh ingredients and quick service. It is in an excellent location in city of Costa Mesa.   Posting #: 277298   Posted by: Sara Vaziri, MBA.


For Sale: Tattoo Parlor - Landmark at Large College - Tempe

This tattoo shop has been providing quality service & artwork for many decades. Located next to State College, pulling clients from the 80,000 college students and the huge influx of freshmen. One could not find a better location! Only grandfathered-in licenses are being approved for transfer only.   Posting #: 278653   Posted by: Jim Moazez.

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For Sale: FedEx Routes - Absentee Run, Newer Fleet - Alameda County

For sale are FedEx ground routes located in the East Bay established in 2022. The zip codes are in a family-friendly town with newer residential housing developments along with retail and business establishments. The adjacent zip code is a combination of business and home delivery.   Posting #: 278518   Posted by: Antoinette Gonzales.


For Sale: Womens Boutique - Beautiful, Easy To Operate - Pasadena

For sale is a women's boutique in South Pasadena is available for purchase because the owners of 20 years are finally retiring. It's a modern boutique with a whimsical, European flair; complete with a fabulous red counter. They have good books and a new lease. It is ready for a new owner.   Posting #: 277783   Posted by: Peter Magaziotis.


For Sale: Mechanical, Plumbing Contractor - 18+ Years - El Dorado County

This mechanical and plumbing contractor has been in business for over 18 years providing design-build, plan/spec, and negotiated bids for both private and public works projects. It is housed in an 18,000-square foot building in Northern California with a fully automated sheet metal fabrication shop.   Posting #: 272806   Posted by: Joe Khoury.


For Sale: Salon - Semi Absentee Run - Los Angeles County

This is a great opportunity to own multiple salons within a couple of miles of each other. Both salons are located in a busy area with one just a short walk from the beach. The owner finds it very easy to fill chairs as this is a highly sought-after salon for hairstylists.   Posting #: 270202   Posted by: Ethan Skugrud.


For Sale: Liquor Store And Deli - Semi Absentee Run - Los Angeles County

This location has been a liquor store for more than 30 years. Besides being a profitable retail liquor store, it provides a wide range of take-out foods. They are extremely popular in the area and have long wait times for food on the weekends. There is trained staff in place.   Posting #: 278018   Posted by: Jim Moazez.


For Sale: Commercial Janitorial Company - Solid Client Base - California

This business provides janitorial services for commercial buildings. There is a manager who has been with the business from the beginning. It has been established for about 10 years under the same owner. The clients are mostly in LA county and there is room for growth in other counties.   Posting #: 277091   Posted by: Jim Moazez.


For Sale: Bookkeeping, Accounting Service - Profitable - San Luis Obispo County

For sale is a bookkeeping and accounting services business. They provide quality accounting and management services to businesses for over 24 years. The dedicated staff is focused on providing timely, quality, professional well-rounded services and building long-term relationships.   Posting #: 275899   Posted by: Phil Wolfstein.

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For Sale: Food Preparation Kitchen - Profitable - San Fernando Valley

This co-packing food prep kitchen facility has been continuously profitable serving its niche market since its inception but has the existing capacity for sales to scale up significantly! Located in the north San Fernando Valley area, the company specializes in providing facilities and development.   Posting #: 276724   Posted by: Roger Civalleri.


For Sale: Auto Part Distributor, Manufacturing Company - USA

Since the 1990s offering their clients high-quality products through the use of product visualization, virtual and rapid prototyping., designing and manufacturing automotive products. keep it simple with both quality products and quality customer service is their motto!   Posting #: 276479   Posted by: Joseph Khoury.


For Sale: Childrens Education Learning Center - Absentee Run - San Fernando Valley

This franchise has been established to be run by a full-time manager or by an absentee owner. An owner-operator will be able to replace the manager and make a good profit from the business. The 2021 Sales of $486,000 is based on absentee sales and the SDE of $107,000 is based on owner-operator.   Posting #: 264374   Posted by: Sara Vaziri.


For Sale: High End Auto Restoration Shop - 4.5M Revenues - California

This shop has over $2MM contracted restoration work for 2022. This shop has several revenue sources. Restoration of high-end luxury cars, sales and brokering of these autos, service, and repairs, and auto parts distribution for some unique parts that no longer are manufactured by the manufacturer.   Posting #: 271316   Posted by: Joe Khoury .


For Sale: Tailoring Alterations Design And Repair - Southern California

Fine European Alterations, Tailoring, and Repairs for upscale clientele in a premier SoCal location. New owner should have a degree/certification in a fashion-related field and/or have 5+ years of experience in tailoring. Additionally, basic management skills and experience are helpful.   Posting #: 274911   Posted by: Phil Wolfstein.


For Sale: Bakery - Famous, With Multiple Great Locations - Los Angeles County

The first time on the market for this International Bakery started over 30 years ago serving a large community across the greater Los Angeles area for their unique product offering. Well acclaimed by several media outlets as unique and authentic recipes. Large kitchen fully equipped facility.   Posting #: 271336   Posted by: Joe Khoury.

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