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Jimmy Yoon, Business Broker, at UBC Business Brokers

Contact: Jimmy Yoon, Business Broker, at UBC Business Brokers

Company: UBC Business Brokers

Phones: 213-389-4100 , 213-369-5544

We are professional Business Brokerage Company. We have helped a wide range of clients, both buying a business as well as selling their business. We can be of assistance with your business as well and services in the Southern California Area.

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For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 213-389-4100 and 213-369-5544.
Questions To Ask A Business Broker
6 Traits Of Successful Business Brokers

About Jimmy Yoon, Business Broker, at UBC Business Brokers

We are professional Business Brokerage Company. We have helped a wide range of clients, both buying a business as well as selling their business. We can be of assistance with your business as well and services in the Southern California Area.

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We are professional Business Brokerage Company. We have helped a wide range of clients, both buying a business as well as selling their business. We can be of assistance with your business as well and services in the Southern California Area.
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Well-known franchise sushi bar business for sale located in La Canada Los Angeles. The stable customer even during the pandemic. Excellent opportunity for buying your own business with the low asking price. Very safe place and No rent No utility. Even inexperienced buyers have the chance to train.   Posting #: 266941   Posted by: Jimmy Yoon.
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No rent, no utility. Franchise sushi bar. Net profit a month $8,000.   Posting #: 264731   Posted by: Jimmy Yoon.
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Same owner for 12 years,with property. Lot size 20,000 Sq..building size 3,643 Sq.. business only 1,300,000 with seller carry.   Posting #: 225968   Posted by: Jimmy Yoon.
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Boxing Gym For Sale. Rent $4,476 a month, net $ 7,000 a month with absentee owner. Closed Sunday.   Posting #: 249110   Posted by: Jimmy Yoon.
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Wholesale commercial dry cleaner plant. owner will carry some note. Linen & uniform rental.   Posting #: 259526   Posted by: Jimmy Yoon.
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8 Questions From Buyers

Absentee Run Businesses Pros Cons
Should You Give Buyers Tax Return

Billiard Hall And Bar for sale. Available new lease. Same owner for 22 years. $200,000 a years net profit.   Posting #: 245067   Posted by: Jimmy Yoon.
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Absentee Owner, corner Location. Nets $200,000 a year.   Posting #: 256981   Posted by: Jimmy Yoon.
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Restaurant for sale. Absentee owner. net $250,000 with absentee owner.   Posting #: 240522   Posted by: Jimmy Yoon.
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Spa and massage service for man/woman in shopping center. Skincare/teen Facial/ Gentleman Facial and Waxing services.   Posting #: 256263   Posted by: Jimmy Yoon.
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Absentee owner business, 5 days a week. Low rent and good Lease. In south bay area.   Posting #: 257550   Posted by: Jimmy Yoon.
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Franchise sushi bar inside supermarket, no rant, no utility. net $8,000 a month.   Posting #: 264200   Posted by: Jimmy Yoon.
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8 Items Business Buyers Look At
Defining Sellers Discretionary Cash

Questions Buyers Should Ask Sellers

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