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Having owned both retail and restaurant businesses for over 20 years, my interest turned to selling businesses rather than owning them. I specialize in Los Angeles & Orange County restaurants, fast food independents and chains, bars, gas stations, liquor stores. Call me at 714-292-5448 Cell/Text.

About Joe Ranieri

I have been a business broker for over 20 years. Having been a business owner previously, I understand the stress of selling a business, and I work tirelessly for my clients so that they can smoothly run their business while I handle the sale of their business. I specialize in selling small to medium-sized businesses and service these areas: Orange and Los Angeles Counties

I am a member of the Orange County Board of Realtors, the California Association of Business Brokers (CABB), and the Internaional Business Brokers Association (IBBA). I sell any business, but my specialty is restaurants, bars, gas stations, and liquor stores. I not only can sell the business but the land underneath. I am routinely amongst the top producers in my office and share with them my vast knowledge and experience as one of the senior members of the commercial division at Re/Max TerraSol in Huntington Beach, California.

Phone me at 714-292-5448 to sell or buy a Los Angeles or Orange County small- to mid-sized business.

DRE License# 00904011

For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 714-292-5448 Cell and 714-292-5448 Text

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Blog: How Long Does It Take For A Small Business Restaurant To Sell?

This question is bound to come up from a seller to a business broker at one point in their relationship. The truth may discourage a seller who desperately needs to sell, because in all honestly, many times in can take months. All restaurants are different - Joe Ranieri, Business Broker explains. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


Resource: Joe Ranieri, Business Broker: Orange, LA County Areas

Having owned both retail and restaurant businesses for over 20 years, my interest turned to selling businesses rather than owning them. I specialize in Los Angeles & Orange County restaurants, fast food independents and chains, bars, gas stations, liquor stores. Call me at 714-292-5448 Cell/Text.


For Sale: Japanese Sushi Restaurant Semi Absentee Run - Orange County

Fast Track Posting For sale is a well-established Japanese sushi restaurant. It is located in the South Coast Metro area close to a significant mall in Orange County. This restaurant is great for lunch and dinner, in the best traffic area. A sushi bar is a place where you go to eat sushi at a bar or counter.   Posting #: 279515   Posted by: Joe Ranieri.


For Sale: Sandwich Shop - Low Rent - Huntington Beach

This Burgers sandwich shop is located in an industrial area in Huntington Beach. It is open 5 days only from Monday-Friday from 8 am - 3 pm. It has excellent service with a spectacular sandwich menu. Some items include burgers, ham and cheese, taco salad, Italian subs, and breakfast specials.   Posting #: 279624   Posted by: Joe Ranieri.


For Sale: Cafe And Coffee House - Asset Sale, Semi Absentee - Orange County

Fast Track Posting Located in high-rise building, this cafe offers a unique mixture of fresh menu items from breakfast to lunch, smoothies, specialty coffee drinks, & desserts. They have had the same owner for years and art deco design with a coffee bar and nice kitchen.   Posting #: 279625   Posted by: Joe Ranieri.


Blog: Buying A Restaurant: Things New Business Owners Overspend On

Nothing can be more exciting, and a little daunting for a new owner than finally being handed over the keys to their newly owned restaurant. Many buyers, especially those who have never been business owners before are much too eager to make the restaurant "their own". Overspending can take place. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


Blog: Selling My Business: How Many Business Brokers Should I Interview?

Choosing a business broker to sell your business can be crucial to the success of it selling. A broker who you have an exclusive listing agreement with, which I recommend vs. open listing, will essentially be your partner during the listing term in getting your business sold. Joe Ranieri explains. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


Blog: Buying Janitorial Small Businesses: Tips For Business Buyers

One aspect that many customers look for in a business today and will most likely moving forward is cleanliness. Overnight cleaning will become more important as we rebuild our businesses and lives, and so janitorial businesses will most likely become essential. Joe Ranieri (Business Broker) shares. Contributor: Joe Ranieri

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Blog: Tips On Selling A Restaurant: Appealing To Restaurant Buyers During COVID

ProIntermediary, Joe Ranieri (Business Broker) shares what buyers are looking for in this unprecedented market. COVID-19 has made curb appeal more important than ever when selling a restaurant. Sellers still have the power to attract buyers in this market with focus of a few key requirements. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


Blog: Liquor License Transfer Process Tips From Broker Specialist

The process for making a liquor license transfer used to take approximately 55-70 days, but now because of labor shortages and work protocols, it can be up to 3 months in California, for example. The longer an escrow is open, the greater the chance of having it fall out of escrow. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


For Sale: Breakfast And Lunch Cafe - Close to Ocean - Huntington Beach

Fast Track Posting For sale is a long-established breakfast & lunch cafe in a major shopping center next to Trader Joe's Market. It has lots of walking traffic and is close to the ocean Pier. It is equipped with a full kitchen that has a grease trap. You can change the menu. The hours are from 7 am to 3 pm on Mon-Sat.   Posting #: 277377   Posted by: Joe Ranieri.


For Sale: Liquor Store in a Beach City - Orange County

Located in a nice shopping center in Orange County about 3 miles from the beach. Square footage approx 2,400 with liquor license type general off sale #21. Lotto income is $55,000 per year with total sales of $828,500 yearly. Net profit $199,000 yearly Good equipment in a nice shopping center.   Posting #: 279827   Posted by: Joe Ranieri.


Blog: Things To Consider When Buying A Coffee Cart Small Business

Californians love coffee, and many will find a way to get their "fix" though out the day. Many opt for convenience when getting their coffee, and when they are unable to make a coffee run, they will buy from a coffee cart. Joe Ranieri discusses all items related how to buy a coffee cart business. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


Blog: Restaurant Buyers: Tips On Buying A Second Restaurant Location

Start-up costs are typically so high to build a restaurant from scratch that many current owners prefer to look for an existing restaurant that isn't doing so well and customize it as their own - second location. Joe Ranieri gives tips to restaurant owners buying a second location to expand. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


Blog: Life (or Death) Of An Orange County Restaurant Deal

Any deal when selling a business tends to have a life of its own. Joe Ranieri discusses a restaurant deal in Orange County that has had many twists and turns. This article shows what types of issues can and do come up when selling a business or in this case a restaurant. Contributor: Joe Ranieri

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Blog: What Are Some Tips On Buying An Existing Bakery Small Business?

Bakeries service all occasions from weddings, birthdays, retirement, and a whole host of other special occasions. Many bakeries do a brisk retail business, but really make their money in catering. Joe Ranieri a Southern California Business Broker looks at the top tips when trying to sell a bakery. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


Blog: Pop-Up Restaurants: Pro Tips For Starting Or Buying One

For starters, a pop-up restaurant is a short-lived dining experience in a temporary location, most found in abandoned factories or warehouses, rooftops, barns, or an already existing restaurant location, so basically anywhere done legally and safely. They exist for a few days, weeks or a few months. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


Blog: Working Out A Deal: Things To Consider When Buying A Boutique Fitness Gym

First thing you may be asking, what is a boutique gym? Simple, a boutique fitness gym is on average much smaller than your typical large-scale gym, ranging from 800 to 2,500 sq feet. In this BizBen blog post, Joe Ranieri (Southern California Business Broker) discusses this topic for gym buyers. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


Blog: Millennial Buyers: What Are They Seeking When Buying A Business?

First, we must define, who are the Millennials? The exact years are up for debate, but Millennials were born during approximately between 1981-1986, which today would be between 22 and 37 years of age. Joe Ranieri looks at what these buyers are looking for and what qualities they seek in businesses. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


Blog: Seller Mistakes Near The Close Of Escrow Can Tank A Deal

Let's be honest, typically it takes a while (6 months to a year) to sell a business, from listing to close of escrow, and so it's common that many sellers are anxious as the close of escrow nears with a buyer. Joe Ranieri (Business Broker) examines common seller mistakes owners should stay clear of. Contributor: Joe Ranieri


For Sale: Pet Grooming Shop - High Net, Good Lease - Brea, Orange County

Pet Grooming Salon offers first-class grooming & personalized services to dogs and cats. They offer a wide variety of services the ultimate spa experience that includes conditioning bath with nail trimming, blowout, de-matting, and ear cleaning. SALES,12-14 Pets per day Sales :1200-1400 per day.   Posting #: 272018   Posted by: Joe Ranieri.


For Sale: Italian Deli Sandwich Shop - Established 31 Years - Orange County

For sale is a busy Italian deli/sandwich shop with a full hot kitchen and hood. It is an easy-to-run 6-day-a-week operation. The hours are from 7 am to 4 pm daily, and it is closed on Sundays. It is near a hospital, mall, and medical & business offices. This deli has been established for 25 years.   Posting #: 276157   Posted by: Joe Ranieri.

Why Deals Fail Blog Post

For Sale: Fresh Grill Restaurant - Downtown Area, Busy - Orange County

For sale is a location near Downtown Huntington Beach (close to the ocean Pier). It is a wine bar with a casual dining grill and a beer and wine license. It is located in a busy shopping center and is open 6 days a week from 11 am to 8 pm. It has a heavy take-out business and can be converted.   Posting #: 276230   Posted by: Joe Ranieri.


For Sale: Tanning Salon - Well Established - Huntington Beach

For sale is a tanning salon located in a busy shopping center next to restaurants, major markets, and clothing stores. Enter the lobby & feel the comfortable atmosphere. It has spacious private rooms and equipment ranging from UV tanning beds, and stand-up tanning machines to red light therapy.   Posting #: 277801   Posted by: Joe Ranieri.


Discussions: Any Tips On Buying A Dog Grooming Business?

Is a dog grooming business for you? Business broker Joe Ranieri ponders this question with BizBen viewers and answers this question along with other intermediaries and advisors. Some replies cover: brick and mortar vs. mobile, licenses & certifications, maintaining and growing a clientel, etc. Contributor: Joe Ranieri

Discussions: Can A Business Seller Back Out Of Escrow If They Simply Change Their Mind?

Can a seller of a small business back out of an ongoing escrow? Probably, yes, it all depends how far along the escrow is, which will dictate how messy things will get for both owner & buyer. Joe Ranieri (Southern California Business Broker) gives his feedback with others on this BizBen Discussion. Contributor: Joe Ranieri

Discussions: How Do I Prepare My Restaurant To Sell Amongst Mandatory Minimum Wage Hikes?

A point of back ground, back in 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law an increase to the state minimum wage from $10 to $15 per hour. The increase is gradual and goes up about a dollar a year and maxes out at $15 an hour in 2022. Here is some advice in handling this new increase. Contributor: Joe Ranieri

Discussions: What Are Some Tips On Buying A Butcher Shop, Meat Market?

Butcher shops, once a vestige, are increasingly becoming popular again in many metropolitan and suburban cities. In this Discussion Post on BizBen, Joe Ranieri (Orange County & LA County Business Broker) discusses various issues of buying a butcher shop and what that entails for business buyers. Contributor: Joe Ranieri

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