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Steve Colburn, SBA Loan Financing For Business Acquisitions

Contact: Steve Colburn, SBA Loan Financing For Business Acquisitions

Company: Umpqua Bank

Phones: 949-445-4366 Cell , 949-445-4366 Text

I specialize in SBA loans for business purchases (with/without real estate). Loan sizes: 500K to $5M. Only 10% down required! Western US Region Area. No restaurants or hotels at this time. 24 Hr Pre-Approvals. Submit a loan package or get pre-qualed call me direct today at 949-445-4366 Cell/Text.

Email Steve A Question Or Comment Below

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For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 949-445-4366 Cell and 949-445-4366 Text.
Qualifying Business Buyers
Curb Appeal Selling A Business

About Steve Colburn, SBA Loan Financing For Business Acquisitions

I have specialized in funding business acquisition loans for the over 25 years and have personally closed over 400 business acquisition loans.

We are a PLP lender with a flat and streamlined approval process. We do not have any loan committees or out of state underwriters that need to review the loan. I have worked with my credit manager for almost 10 years, both as an employee of the bank and as a loan broker. This long time mutually respectful relationship has helped me get 100% of my loans approved in 2019 and 2020!

Highlights of our business acquisition loan program:

- Only 10% Down from the Buyer
- No Seller Carry Required
- Loans from $500,000 to $5,000,000
- 24-hour Pre-Approvals and 48-Hour Term Sheets

I offer a formal written pre-approval for both sellers and buyers. For seller's, this process not only documents the business's ability to cover the loan payments and provide a nice salary for the buyer, but more importantly, it reveals any problems or issues that need to be addressed prior to them becoming an problem with potential buyers. For buyers, The pre-approval highlights our very low standard 10% down payment. It also allows our brokers to separate the "tire kickers" from the actual qualified buyers.

I work with a partner on every loan. My partner, Laura Stirling is very experienced in all aspects of SBA lending. She has 25 years' experience in SBA loan packaging, underwriting, and closing. She is a fantastic resource to both brokers and clients. Together we micro-manage the entire process from gathering the information needed, to underwriting, loan approval and funding of your loan.

Please feel free to give me a call with any questions you may have or to get your Sellers and Buyers approved.

Call me direct at 949-445-4366 to receive more information - 24 Hour Loan Pre-Approvals & 48 Hour Term Sheets!

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I specialize in SBA loans for business purchases (with/without real estate). Loan sizes: 500K to $5M. Only 10% down required! Western US Region Area. No restaurants or hotels at this time. 24 Hr Pre-Approvals. Submit a loan package or get pre-qualed call me direct today at 949-445-4366 Cell/Text.
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