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Tim Cunha has five decades of entrepreneurial experience in various fields, including the design and manufacture of computer graphics software and hardware systems, instrument manufacturing, Defense contracting, biotech/pharma, publishing, distribution, and retail.

About Tim Cunha, JD

Tim Cunha has five decades of entrepreneurial experience in various fields, including the design and manufacture of computer graphics software and hardware systems, instrument manufacturing, Defense contracting, biotech/pharma, publishing, distribution, and retail. He earned a BA from Rutgers and a JD from Georgetown, with experience as an attorney and a university business professor.

The EvergreenGold® brokerage and consulting services successfully connect buyers and sellers of existing businesses for lucrative ownership transfers. We work in close collaboration with financial planners, CPAs, attorneys, and bankers to negotiate and structure the most beneficial economic terms for our sellers. We ascribe to the policy that "it's not about how much you get, but rather about how much you keep."

Nationwide, we will meet by phone or online, with in-person consultations on an as needed basis. We provide our sellers with expert analysis and recasting of their financials; professional advertising copy; a detailed prospectus; comprehensive and diverse listing of their business on many Internet sites with international reach; and market comparison valuations. We identify, interview, and qualify prospective buyers; arrange financing; assist with due diligence; and coordinate the activities of the escrow agent, attorneys, accountants, and other involved professionals for a successful closing and business transition.

Depending on the state, we can act as a commission-based full-service broker or as a fee-for-service advisor or as a consultant in partnership with a local broker.


With more than four decades as an entrepreneurial manager, Tim Cunha has developed, owned, managed, and sold businesses in various fields, including computer hardware and software development and manufacturing, graphic art and engineering instrument manufacture, technical publishing, defense contracting, bio-tech/pharma, wholesale distribution, and retail. Prof. Cunha has a BA from Rutgers and a JD from Georgetown, is licensed to practice law in New Jersey, and is a licensed California real estate broker (DRE #01919755), specializing in business sales. Prior to EvergreenGold® Business Advisors, he taught undergraduate and MBA students on the faculty of the College of Business at Eastern New Mexico University, and currently serves as an intermittent senior lecturer in the MBA program of a prestigious California graduate school.

For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 650-600-3751 Cell and 650-701-5836 Text

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For Sale: Commercial Construction Earthwork Paving & Grading - San Francisco Bay Area

Fast Track Posting Earthwork construction company - grading, asphalt paving for renovation & new construction projects, plus asphalt & concrete repairs and maintenance for recurring commercial & public customers. 30 skilled employees with capable non-owner management. Extensive equipment & vehicles. 37-year history.   Posting #: 278933   Posted by: Tim Cunha.


For Sale: Water Purification Sales And Service Company - Solano County

Fast Track Posting This profitable water purification supplies and services business serves the technical, hospital, medical, and dialysis industries of north/central California and western Nevada, including companies like Tesla. Established in 1997. Annual sales are projected to well exceed $600,000 in 2022.   Posting #: 276160   Posted by: Tim Cunha.


For Sale: Commercial Construction General Contractor - San Francisco Bay Metro Area

Fast Track Posting Profitable commercial construction general engineering contractor, with recurring Fortune 500 customers, over 50 employees, and extensive equipment and vehicles. In San Francisco Bay Area. Customers consist of major telecommunications and other Fortune 500 companies throughout Northern California.   Posting #: 271089   Posted by: Tim Cunha.


For Sale: Real Estate Staging Company - Long Established - San Mateo County

Fast Track Posting This long-established, highly respected real estate staging company serves the always-booming Silicon Valley market. A great reputation, in business for 16 years, a diverse customer base, and efficient operations. Some seller financing may be available for a qualified buyer.   Posting #: 283306   Posted by: Tim Cunha.


For Sale: Language Interpretation And Translation Service - California

Fast Track Posting For sale is a professional service company providing written translation and oral interpretation services in 200 languages for clients worldwide: government agencies, NGOs, business entities, etc. The business has an extensive team of language experts and a broad client base, and operates virtually.   Posting #: 272547   Posted by: Tim Cunha.


Wanted: Garage Door Opener Business - Entire State of

Fast Track Posting Our client, a current licensed garage door opener company owner, seeks similar businesses throughout California to buy. Relevant factors will include trained staff, steady or increasing sales, solid reputation, and market exposure. Recurring customers would be an added value. This is a cash buyer.   Posting #: 282271   Posted by: Tim Cunha.


Blog: Ten Ways to Avoid a Lawsuit When Selling Your Business

Despite precautions, business owners often face lawsuits, even when innocent. Litigation, even if won, means losses in money, time, and resources, leading to uncertainty and negative publicity Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD


Blog: What is a micro business?

A micro business is a type of small business that typically has fewer than five employees or as many as ten. It is often a one-person operation or a very small team, and it operates on a small scale. Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD

BizBen Franchise Opportunities

Blog: Buying a Franchise Business: Your Path to Entrepreneurial Success

One avenue that has consistently shown promise and potential for budding entrepreneurs is the world of franchise businesses. Buying a franchise business offers individuals an opportunity to step into a proven business model, benefiting from an established brand, operational framework, and support. Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD


Blog: How to Choose the Best Franchise Business in 2023 and 2024 — 10 Essential Steps

In today's dynamic business landscape, buying a business franchise has emerged as a popular and promising option for aspiring entrepreneurs. It may offer the advantage of a proven business model, established brand recognition, and ongoing support. Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD


Blog: Avoiding The LOI: Why This Business Broker Favors APAs Over LOIs

In my opinion and experience, an LOI may very well be appropriate for lower middle market transactions of $5,000,000 or more; but, for deals less than that an Asset Purchase Agreement ("APA") with contingencies on the actions of the buyer (and seller) is much more efficient and effective. Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD


Blog: Determining The Allocation Of The Purchase Price In An Asset (Non-Stock) Business Sale

When selling and buying a business, it is almost always necessary to allocate the purchase price to various categories of assets for tax and accounting purposes, whether this is a transfer of all the assets of the business or an actual stock sale of the business entity. Broker Tim Cunha explains. Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD


Blog: What Is Your Business Worth? 3 Ways to Make Your Company More Valuable

Would you like to know what your business is worth? What's more, what it could be worth with a small amount of effort and investment? Business brokers have a variety of methods to determine value. Tim Cunha, JD a SF Bay Area Business Broker discusses his answers to this question about valuation. Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD


Blog: 8 Questions You Most Likely Will Be Asked When Selling Your Business

When selling your small business, you'll be bombarded with questions - from the brilliant to the ridiculous. You need to be prepared. Here are some of the key questions you can expect to be asked. Tim Cunha (SF Bay Area Business Broker) reviews many of these possible questions from potential buyers. Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD


Blog: How The Inventory Amount Affects The Business Valuation And Transaction

If inventory is an asset of the small business, why is it treated differently from other assets in setting the business value and conducting the transaction? Tim Cunha, San Francisco Bay Area Business Broker explores this topic about how the inventory amount affects a business valuation. Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD

Should Sellers Give Tax Returns To Buyers

Blog: Mastering Cash Flow Management for Small Businesses

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any small business. "Cash is king." It's the constant flow of funds in and out of your business that ensures you can meet your financial obligations, pay employees, suppliers, and operating costs, and invest in growth. Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD


Blog: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Profitable Business in 2023

Ready to leave your mark as a business owner? Acquiring a profitable existing business is a strategic and rewarding start to your entrepreneurial journey. It's often more efficient, less risky, and cheaper than starting from scratch. Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD


Blog: The Real Cost of Restaurant Ownership in the USA: A Comprehensive Guide

Owning a restaurant is a dream for many, but the journey from concept to reality involves various financial, logistical, and lifestyle considerations. Before you embark on this serious business adventure, it's essential to understand the costs, risks, and benefits of buying a restaurant in USA. Contributor: Tim Cunha, JD


Discussions: Does Curb Appeal Really Help Sell A Business?

This post is essential reading for any prospective business seller. Curb appeal is critically important, not just to the amount of the final sale price, but also to whether there will be a sale at all. Top ProIntermediaries and ProAdvisors discuss this valuable topic on this BizBen.com Discussion. Contributor: Tim Cunha

Discussions: Why Is A Small Business Sale Kept Confidential? How Is That Done?

Recently a business owner asked me on the phone, "Why do you keep the sale of a business confidential? How do you keep the sale confidential - any good tips?" Would like to hear from other Members - what would be your answer to this business owner? ProIntermediaries on BizBen discuss this topic. Contributor: Tim Cunha

Discussions: What Info Should Be Included In A Non Disclosure Agreement?

Just had a discussion with a owner/seller about non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements when selling a business. Here was her question: "I am selling my business and I have heard I should have potential buyers sign a NDA. What items of information should I have on my NDA?" Contributor: Tim Cunha

Discussions: 6 Simple Things To Increase Business Value Before Offering It For Sale

How do you value a small business before putting it on the market? Tim Cunha, JD offers 6 items all business owners should consider. Other advisors and business brokers also weigh in on this very important topic especially when over 70% of small businesses never end up selling (due to pricing). Contributor: Tim Cunha

Why Deals Fail Blog Post

Discussions: How Do I Determine the Value Of My Business? Or, The One I Want To Buy?

How do you determine the value of your business when you go to sell or even buy a business? There are so many factors and that is usually one of the first items serious buyers inquire about. When a business broker or agent goes to sell a business this should be one of the first tasks they perform. Contributor: Tim Cunha

Discussions: How Do I Become A Business Broker?

Contributor: Tim Cunha

Discussions: Who Pays The Sales Tax When Selling A Business?

Contributor: Tim Cunha

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