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William Yoo, Business Broker: Los Angeles County

Contact: William Yoo, Business Broker: Los Angeles County

Company: Commercial Realty

Phones: 213-923-3863 Cell , 213-923-3863 Text

As a business broker at Commercial Realty Group, I specialize in business opportunity transactions in Los Angeles County. I have experience selling restaurants, liquor store, beer and wine market, accessory store, distribution, and service industries, main street businesses.

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For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 213-923-3863 Cell and 213-923-3863 Text.
Curb Appeal Selling A Business
Who Really Represents The Buyer

About William Yoo, Business Broker: Los Angeles County

As a business broker at Commercial Realty Group, I specialize in business opportunity transactions in Los Angeles County. I have experience selling restaurants, liquor store, beer and wine market, accessory store, distribution, and service industries, main street businesses.

Through our extensive training and continued education I am able to satisfy our clients I take the seller's confidentiality as my utmost priority before the business actually gets sold.




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100% help run store for sale in a desirable area. The owner has 3 other stores that he's running. Lives too far from this store. Hard to manage. Very clean and with potential if the owner runs. Approximately 3000 sq. ft with a good parking. Very safe and desirable area, with a good profit margin.   Posting #: 267459   Posted by: William Yoo.
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Don't let the size of this store fool you. This store has high potential if add LOTTO, EBT AND Extend hours (currently open from 9 am to 10 pm / 12 at weekend). Tired Korean owners wish to rest for a while. Very reasonable rent. Estimate inventory is about $50,000.   Posting #: 264194   Posted by: William Yoo.
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Small Mom and Pop store with the part-time owner. Very easy to operate and there is no competition nearby. It's perfect if a couple runs. The store is located in a high populated area. The store has Beer and Wine, Lotto, EBT, and a water machine. There are no conditions on the license.   Posting #: 267460   Posted by: William Yoo.
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As a business broker at Commercial Realty Group, I specialize in business opportunity transactions in Los Angeles County. I have experience selling restaurants, liquor store, beer and wine market, accessory store, distribution, and service industries, main street businesses.
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Liquor market with high volume store located in the desirable and safe area. Part-time owner only comes to the store for paperwork. Plenty of parking. Store has Lotto, EBT, and other extra income. Hugh storage area includes a large liquor cabinet. 6,000 sf. SBA loan may be possible.   Posting #: 239405   Posted by: William Yoo.
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Large volume Liquor store with large parking (probably can park up to 10 cars) in a busy area. "Mostly help run store". Rent is very reasonable. Big potential if owner operated. Good size storage also. The store recently accepting EBT and the sale from the EBT is growing. Lotto income $2,000/month.   Posting #: 228446   Posted by: William Yoo.
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Back Up Offers Should Be Completed

Hard To Buy A Business
8 Items Business Buyers Look At

Great Parking and Great In And Out access. Asking for $600K plus inventory and inventory is approx. $150,000. Good size Liquor store with great parking and Turn-Key store. You don't need to fix anything, all you need is take over as is and make money. 17 door walk-in cooler. Lotto. EBT. Long lease.   Posting #: 265348   Posted by: William Yoo.
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Very clean and turn key liquor store with upside potential with real estate for sale in the South Bay. Please call for more info.   Posting #: 253306   Posted by: William Yoo.
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Liquor store with ample parking in a busy street. Currently, 100% help run store. Fairly good rent. The store has lotto, atm for an extra income. Still have over 10 years lease. Need 50% down payment for the loan. A liquor store in the Latino area. 1600 sq. ft store. Asking $275,000 & about $65K Inv   Posting #: 263031   Posted by: William Yoo.
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Convenient store with beer and wine license in Inglewood. Good size store with ample parking. Nice mom and pop store with a beer and wine for a beginner Lotto, and Ebt is available. Estimated inventory is about $30,000.   Posting #: 263494   Posted by: William Yoo.
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Beer and wine market in high populated areas. It's perfect for a starter. Not too big not too small. The seller has a health problem and he wants to sell asap. The store has extra income includes the purified water system and Lotto. Extra income pays the rent and utility.   Posting #: 265350   Posted by: William Yoo.
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Good size liquor store in a high populated area near Koreatown. Turnkey store. Very clean and organized. High-profit margin. Plenty of storage spaces. Current owner's been running in this location for over 10 years. Extra income from lotto, lotto, and atm. Motivated seller.   Posting #: 254054   Posted by: William Yoo.
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Why Businesses Do Not Sell
Pocket Listings

8 Questions From Buyers

A liquor store on a very busy street. Tons of potential. Extra income from apartment rent, lotto, and atm machine. Front parking. The owner is worn out and wants to sell as soon as possible. NDA form must be submitted for more information.   Posting #: 247088   Posted by: William Yoo.
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