Niche Pool Solar Company - Installation, Service For Sale - SF East Bay Area - Relocatable

Niche pool solar system installation and maintenance services. Established 12 years. Family member health issues force sale at this time. Good books and records. Relocatable / home based. Owner will train, Great reputation. SF East Bay Area. For sale by owner. Ideal for contractors. Call for info.

Our story:

I started Eco Solar in 2007 with a 12 week course offered by the Small Business Administration. The name was conceived thoughtfully and purposefully. By chance it must have been, the first variable speed pool pump came out in 2007, the Ikeric pump. It was an acronym for Internal Kilowatt Energy Reduction Is Continuous.

But the variable speed pump really changed the ballgame for pool/and spa filtration energy efficiency. It was now possible, right out of the box to increase your pool pumps energy efficiency by 400% or more. Which means for every one gallon of water a pool filter used to clean, now it could filter 4 gallons for the same cost. This efficiency could even be improved upon rather dramatically on many pools because of the high friction filters, valves and many times undersized pool plumbing. Anthony pools was notorious for the 1.25" suction and return lines that had a pressure drop at 50 gpm of 13.2 PSI per 100' of pipe. (2" is 1.8 PSI/100' and 2.5" only .8 PSI) So understanding the problems of past pool builders, the new filters and valves that began emerging in the marketplace, the relationship of pipe size and fitting design, the difference between gas heaters that I ran into always and very importantly, the differences in pressure drop between the different solar pool heating panels on the market, it became obvious that neither pool companies nor solar companies were combining the science of hydraulics with the emergence of energy conservation on a pool by pool basis. When I would come upon a pool with Ortega valves, 1.5" plumbing or smaller, long runs distances of underground pool piping and always a single speed pump, the potential to increase the filtration efficiency could often go above 600%. That's gigantic. Like taking your car from 25 MPG to over 150 MPG.

All the customers that called me out for solar heating proposals heard about these amazing hydraulic efficiency upgrades that could be added to increase the variable speed pump's generous 400% initial starting point. I would say that 96% of all of the variable speed pump sales I made since 2007 also had 2.5" plumbing upgrades at the pad along with whatever else was wasting pump energy through the increased friction of water. A little overkill sometimes but I wasn't seeing any other systems but Eco Solar's that were pushing 60 gpm through the entire pool system with the filter pressure gauge reading zero. That is moving 13.5 tons of water every hour through all the pool equipment and piping for less than 1/3 of the energy your microwave uses. (About 320 watts) That is ridiculously high energy efficiency.

We then decided to break the solar 101 rule that says you must feed all the solar pool panels at the same time, a rule that was taught to all early solar enthusiasts before the invention of the variable speed pump. To show why this rule had to be broken, I introduce the pump affinity law. A pump impeller at 1/2 speed (1725 rpm) delivers exactly 1/2 the volume of water of the same pump at full speed (3450 rpm) But because the water is now travelling through the pool system at 1/2 speed, it develops + or - only 1/4 of the friction of water. (Pressure drop) Therefore it can do 1/2 the work for 1/8 of the electricity or the same work for 1/4 of the electricity. Add this amazing law of nature to pushing 70 gpm through one bank of 12 panels on the roof, or let's try push 35 gpm through the first 6 panels then take the hot out and feed to the cold in of the next six panels. The water just got twice as hot but you only spent electricity to push 1/2 the water through the panels. Now even the solar loop is getting in on the benefits of the pump affinity law.

Add up all these individual benefits that a pool/spa owner can be educated about and you'll see why sometimes I could sell 10 systems in a row and not lose to any competitor.

That's what is different about Eco Solar. It is easy to teach an open mind the right filters, valves, pipe size, heaters, pumps, flow-meters and solar panels to use, but if you don't understand anything about hydraulics, def. 'The study of water and other liquids in motion and at rest', you can't possibly know how to increase energy efficiency to the extreme.

I can train good minds to beat the competition at ridiculously high 'get the order' percentages.
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