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Taj Randhawa, Business Broker Specialist - Gas Stations, Liquor Stores

Contact: Taj Randhawa, Business Broker Specialist - Gas Stations, Liquor Stores

Company: REMAX Gold

Phones: 559-394-9000 Cell , 559-394-9000 Text

If you are interested buying or selling a gas station, liquor store feel free to phone me for a consultation. My vast experience & specialization in gas stations & liquor stores helps me in serving my clients with full confidence, trust & sincerity. Serving Central Valley, SF Bay Area. 559-259-4247.

Email Taj A Question Or Comment Below

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For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 559-394-9000 Cell and 559-394-9000 Text.
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About Taj Randhawa, Business Broker Specialist - Gas Stations, Liquor Stores

If you are looking to buy or Sell your Business/Commercial Real Estate/Investment property all over California then please contact me. A name you can depend on....Knowledgeable, Approachable, Trustworthy, Hard Working - Excellent Service, Excellent Results.

Are you thinking about Selling /Buying any Business or Commercial property?

My vast experience & specialization in Gas stations & Liquor stores Businesses help me in serving my clients with full confidence, trust & sincerity.

Gas stations especially make for excellent investments for those looking to start or expand their own small business. The last census put the total number of gas stations at around 120,000.

With so many choices out there, separating the wheat from the chaff is a challenge.

If you are interested buying or selling any Gas Station, Liquor Store, Franchised Business, Hotel-Motel or any other Commercial real estate needs, feel free to give me a call for consultation at any time.




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Gas station with property for sale near Sacramento. Corner Lot, 6 MPD's, Store building roughly 2400 Sq Ft size with built in Car Wash. Call for more details, Sign NDA & provide proof of funds.   Posting #: 266541   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Branded Gas station with Convenient Store Business located on a busy corner & high traffic area. It's business only opportunity & on a long ground lease. Currently $120,000 Convenient Store sales average per month & Pumping about 120-130,000 Gas gallons at very high profit margin.   Posting #: 266543   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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If you are interested buying or selling a gas station, liquor store feel free to phone me for a consultation. My vast experience & specialization in gas stations & liquor stores helps me in serving my clients with full confidence, trust & sincerity. Serving Central Valley, SF Bay Area. 559-259-4247.
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Liquor Store with property for Sale in Fresno City. Current sale average is $80,000 plus per month. Buyer has to sign NDA & provide proof of funds. No broker coop.   Posting #: 264311   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Branded Gas Station with property for Sale in Fresno Area. Freeway location. Gas average about 80,000 gallons at very high margin. Store Sale is $50,000/month. It has Beer Wine & Lotto-Lottery. Please sign NDA first to get further details. Buyer need to show proof of funds.   Posting #: 264313   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Newly built branded gas station with property for sale in central valley. Just built about two years ago. Freeway location. Approx. 4,800 sq. ft. size building with two qsr's. Double walled tanks, outside 6 mpd's & one acre size of lot. Interstate freeway location.   Posting #: 263533   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Defining Sellers Discretionary Cash

Qualifying Business Buyers
6 Traits Of Successful Business Brokers

Major brand gas station business with real estate for sale. Store size 4,000 sq. ft., big car wash tunnel, outside 8 mpd's. Call for more details! Please sign nda & provide proof of funds.   Posting #: 263475   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Major brand Gas Station Business and Car wash with property in Bakersfield Area. Buyer has to Sign NDA as well with proof of funds. Currently pumping 50,000 but at very high profit margin. Store Sales $20-24,000/month. New Car wash equipment replaced last year.   Posting #: 264503   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Independent gas station, convenient store & separate car wash with property for sale in Sacramento area. Freeway location, little less than one acre lot size with 6 mpd's, store & separate car wash. Buyer has to sign NDA & provide proof of funds. Asking price $4 million for business & real estate.   Posting #: 266536   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Fishing, Bait & Tackle store with Beer Wine for Sale. This Business has developed a regular customer base that can support initial growth needs towards your investment. High Profitable business. Purchase includes all Business assets, Good will & Real property.   Posting #: 266161   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Extremely High volume Liquor Store with Real estate for sale in Northern California. Store is doing $2.1 million in gross sales annually. Asking Price $1.7 Million plus inventory. Please sign NDA first to get more details.   Posting #: 237828   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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High Volume & Profitable Sonic Franchise business for sale in Riverside county area located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. Sonic is a chain of quick-serve restaurants known for ice cream, shakes, slushies and hot dogs. Long lease available.   Posting #: 264492   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Selecting A Business Broker
Absentee Run Businesses Pros Cons

Why Is A Business Kept Confidential

High Volume Liquor Store Business opportunity for Sale in Fresno area. Current Sale $150,000 plus per month average. Rent $5,700/month, Long lease available. Call or Email with proof of funds before we disclose Seller's financials.   Posting #: 264310   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Chevron branded gas station with convenient store & subway business for sale with property in Kern county. Store is doing an average of $70,000+/month which includes subway sale. Gas gallons are roughly 20,000/month but at exceptionally high profit margin. The store features a huge beer cave, abc.   Posting #: 263791   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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High volume Branded Gas station & Convenient store business with property for sale. Store size 5,000 approximate doing $170,000 with high profit margin. Gas gallons 125-130,000/month at very high margin. 6 MPD's, Drive thru QSR. Roughly one acre of lot size.   Posting #: 265058   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Gas station, QSR, car wash business with property for sale in central valley area. Please sign NDA first to get additional info & location address. Asking price $3.99 million.   Posting #: 263472   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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High volume & profitable car wash business with real estate for sale. Currently being operated as express car wash but it has tremendous potential for converting it into full service car wash & detailing center. This offering is rare as this is truly a turn-key opportunity.   Posting #: 256547   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Profitable & Money Making High Volume Grocery Super Market Business opportunity for sale. Business is doing consistent sales with high mark up merchandise generating overall high Gross profit margin. Clean market with good reputation built over the years.   Posting #: 263713   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Hard To Buy A Business

Disclosures Needed For Business Buyers
Low Success Rate Business Buying

Profitable Arco ampm Gas Station with High Volume Express Car Wash Business for Sale in Southern California area. Both Businesses are available combined together with Real estate. Please sign NDA to get additional financials details & businesses exact location.   Posting #: 257505   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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Branded gas station & convenient store business only for sale in Fresno, CA. Completely remodeled store, equipment & new 4 mpd's with double walled tanks. Currently doing $80,000 plus inside & roughly 30,000 gas gallons per seller. Rent $7500/month, seller can consider long lease & financing   Posting #: 266063   Posted by: Taj Randhawa.
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