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Harry Sidhu, CBB, Broker: SF Bay Area, Central Valley, SAC Region

Contact: Harry Sidhu, CBB, Broker: SF Bay Area, Central Valley, SAC Region

Company: Mission Peak Brokers, Inc.

Phones: 510-366-6130 Cell , 510-366-6130 Text

Assisting both sellers and buyers of businesses - dealing mainly with Liquor Stores, Grocery Markets, Gas Stations, Smoke Shops, Restaurant Related, Retail Related, Service Related. Serving SF Bay Area, North Bay, Sacramento area. Call Harry Sidhu, CBB for assistance at 510-366-6130.

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For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 510-366-6130 Cell and 510-366-6130 Text.
Disclosures Needed For Business Buyers
Buying A Business Podcast

About Harry Sidhu, CBB, Broker: SF Bay Area, Central Valley, SAC Region

Harry Sidhu is a dream maker. By making his own dreams come true as one of the most successful business and commercial real estate brokers in the Bay Area, Harry understands how important it is to have a dream, work hard to see it come true. Harry named his brokerage Mission Peak to honor the incredible beauty of this Bay Area treasure but to also symbolize the deep fulfillment of pursuing your goals to achieve the peak of one's excellence. Helping his clients achieve their personal and business peaks has become Harry's mission and drives his brokerage mission to provide exceptional service with integrity and expertise.

Harry received his bachelors degree in electronics engineering. He then spent five years as a Silicon Valley engineer. Developing his analytical skills and ability to troubleshoot facilitated his growth and achievements when responded to his true entrepreneurial calling to help others achieve their goals of owning a business. Harry then pursued his California state real estate broker's license and also became certified as a business broker by the California Association of Business Brokers (CABB). Harry's success was recognized by Remax of California and Hawaii for the most commercial real estate transactions throughout California in 2005, and Remax Tri-Valley awarded him top producer honors in both 2005 and 2006. Harry's extensive commercial real estate experience included the sale and acquisition of stand-alone retail properties, small to midsize shopping centers, office, industrial, multifamily units, hotels & motels.

Additionally, Harry became skilled in brokering commercial property loans, conventional loans, and SBA business acquisition loans. Harry obtained his Mortgage Loan Originator License Endorsement for himself and his brokerage. Harry provides commercial real estate loans for purchase, refinance, and ground-up construction. He also provides conventional and SBA business loans 7(a) and 504.

After honing his commercial brokering experience, Harry launched his own brokerage, Mission Peak Brokers, Inc. in Fremont, California in 2006. As a principal broker, Harry has served as a commercial property investment adviser for some of the most prosperous and successful small businesses in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California. His sound advice and expertise in negotiating and creative financing have helped many people become thriving business owners. Successfully brokering deals for liquor stores, smoke shops, gas stations, convenience stores, motels, restaurants, and bars, Harry has helped hundreds of clients fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams to own a business and commercial real estate.

Whether you are seeking to buy a business, commercial property, or secure financing, contact Harry Sidhu and Mission Peak Brokers, Inc. to leverage his extensive experience and expertise and make your dreams a reality.

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Business Specializations: Liquor Stores, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Motels, Restaurants, and Bars

Property Types: Motel, Hotel, Office, Industrial, Retail, Flex, Multi-Family, Specialty, Sports & Entertainment, Land

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Indian Restaurant. Concept conversion possible. Located in a busy plaza right off one of the busiest roads in Livermore. Ample parking to accommodate customers. 1470 sf. Rent: $3923/ Month (Including NNN). Lease: Sellers Lease ending Feb 28th, 2022. Additional lease option possible.   Posting #: 252658   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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This highly popular Restaurant is located in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood. This Restaurant is a cornerstone in the Oakland community and has been recognized for its outstanding food, excellent service, and friendly staff.   Posting #: 267492   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Assisting both sellers and buyers of businesses - dealing mainly with Liquor Stores, Grocery Markets, Gas Stations, Smoke Shops, Restaurant Related, Retail Related, Service Related. Serving SF Bay Area, North Bay, Sacramento area. Call Harry Sidhu, CBB for assistance at 510-366-6130.
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Convenience store for sale in Santa Cruz Mountains Area, California. A perfectly hidden gem for this community. This place is known for its convenience. You can find almost everything here in the middle of the woods from Fresh sandwich, selection of Beer, Wine, Groceries, etc.   Posting #: 267699   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Pizza Franchise is a growing Pizza brands in the country and has industry-leading in-store and classroom training for all new franchise owners. Located in a neighborhood strip center anchored by Starbucks. Ample parking to accommodate. Type-41 Beer/Wine License. Monthly Rent: $3,525 includes NNN.   Posting #: 266493   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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This Deli is a local gem since 1977, known for selling specialty sandwiches using local and imported meats and cheeses. This is a classic place, full of handpicked imported goods from Italy and the Mediterranean. The grocery section includes specialty imported and domestic items.   Posting #: 266514   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Pocket Listings

13 Critical Items Selling A Business
Why Deals Fail Over 50 Percent

Restaurant is part of a leading pizza brand with over 40 years in business, and more than 200 restaurants across the west coast. Absentee-run business. Asking Price: $489,000. Gross Sale$63 ,000. Rent 8,206/month includes NNN. Full list of equipment is available with the Listing Broker.   Posting #: 265781   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Located on the corner of a very busy plaza. Ample parking for customers. Great location for tourist to stop & enjoy and ice cream while visiting the town. 925 sf. Monthly rent $3,493 includes NNN. Lease until 2/29/2024. Lease Options negotiable. Monthly gross sales $35,000.   Posting #: 251558   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Fast Track Posting Established in 1979, this high-volume market is located on a corner lot. Bldg. size: 6,880 sf, Lot size: 12,150sf. It is surrounded by residential housing and other businesses. The store provides ample parking for customers.   Posting #: 266436   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Grocery Market is located in Mountain View known for the home of Google and the hub of Silicon Valley. Strategically located adjacent to hwy-101 off the major Exit. this market features a wide range of American and ethnic grocery items, Liquor, Beer & Wine, and Taqueria with full kitchen.   Posting #: 263606   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Relaxed Latin American eatery whipping up pupusas, tacos, burritos & more for lunch & dinner. Located on border of Oakland and Emeryville. Under same ownership since 2010. Gross sales: $65,000 to $70,000/month. Rent: $3500/m including NNN. Lease: 9 yrs remaining on sellers lease.   Posting #: 261060   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Asset sale. Ideally located in strip center shadow-anchored by Walmart, Starbucks, and CVS Pharmacy. Perfect for concept conversion. Buyer could upgrade this to a catering kitchen and/or ghost kitchen by adding additional cooking equipment. Monthly rent $5,630 includes NNN. 1,154 sf. Seats 32.   Posting #: 266931   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Should You Give Buyers Tax Return
Why Is A Business Kept Confidential

Business Buyers Biggest Mistakes

Local pizza parlor. 1,500 sf. stylish space. Menu of traditional pies and daily special dishes. Ideally located on busy intersection. Surrounded by dense residential neighborhood. Full kitchen including type-1 hood+ adequate cooking appliances. Inventory $3,000. Type 41 license. Monthly rent $4,400.   Posting #: 265829   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Subway franchise. Asking Price $190,000 + $2,500 Inventory. Gross Sales $36,400/month ($8400/week) as per 2021 Jan-March combo report. Rent: $2298/month. Lease: Seller's lease thru Aug 31st, 2021 plus two 5 year options. Absentee Owner. Perfect Opportunity for the owner-operator buyer.   Posting #: 264987   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Pizza Restaurant under same ownership for 30 years. Location close to hwy-101 and SFO international airport. High foot traffic area. Full Bar with Beer and Wine. Plenty of seating capacity. Inventory $5,000 not included in price. Monthly rent $4,000. Lease 5 yr + 5 yr. Monthly Gross sales $40,000.   Posting #: 266461   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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This popular liquor & Grocery store is located in a standalone building on a very busy city street. Ample parking space in the front offers easy egress and ingress. This business neighbors with residential housing, which makes it a go-to place for its local residents, and commuters.   Posting #: 267244   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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This popular liquor and convenience store is located in a neighborhood strip center. ~ $60,000/Month plus $22,000/Year commission income. (As per Seller. Not verified by Broker) Rent: $3,000/month gross. Lease Term: 18 years including three 5 year options.   Posting #: 267119   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Restaurant offering authentic food in a dining room setting & a delivery service. Strategically located within approximately a mile of Oakland International Airport. Monthly Gross Sales $95,000. Monthly Rent $9,600 includes NNN. 2,800 sf. Sellers lease thru 2022 PLUS three 5 yr options. Type 41 ABC.   Posting #: 264986   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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Questions Buyers Should Ask Sellers

Why Businesses Do Not Sell
Back Up Offers Should Be Completed

This pizza restaurant is located in a strip center right off I-80 in Sacramento. Other tenants in this strip center are Starbucks & Subway. Possibility of concept conversion and/or catering kitchen by adding additional equipment. A full list of equipment is available with the listing broker.   Posting #: 266462   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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After more than 70 years in the business, this Franchise now has 74 locations in California. Under the same ownership since 1998, this location is being presently managed by a group of absentee owners. Ideally located on one of the busiest roads in the town.   Posting #: 266298   Posted by: Harry Sidhu, CBB.
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