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Advertising Information

There are many different ways to advertise on Postings - businesses for sale (find buyers), businesses wanted (find sellers), discounted broker/agent posting programs for multiple monthly listings, resource & advisor directory, business broker and agent directory, banner ads (side & bottoms of pages).

Below you will find information on each program and a link or phone number to place your posting or set up an advertising & marketing campaign on BizBen. Since we were founded in 1994 we have found the ideal advertising and marketing methods to either buy or sell a small to mid-sized business or increase your brand awareness or services that you provide to business owner/sellers, business buyers, business brokers & agents.

Selling A Business (For Sale Postings), Buying A Business (Wanted Postings) - Individual Programs

If you are looking to sell a small to mid-sized business in you can place a posting to sell on BizBen. Reach thousands of potential buyers or sellers/brokers/agents daily through our easy to use search interface and our email alerts and reports going out daily to over 90,000 business buyers looking to buy a small to mid-sized business in the USA.

Business For Sale Or Wanted To Buy Individual Posting Pricing:

- $45 For 30 Days (Standard Posting Program)
- $75 For 60 Days (Standard Posting Program)
- $90 For 90 Days (Standard Posting Program)

- $200 For 30 Days (Fast Track Advertising Program)
- $300 For 60 Days (Fast Track Advertising Program)
- $400 For 90 Days (Fast Track Advertising Program)

- $800 For 6 Months: These Intensive Programs Get The Job Done! Our ProSell Program (Designed For Business Owners/Sellers, Brokers, Agents) & ProBuy Program (Designed For Business Buyers, Brokers, Agents) Includes: Proprietary Business Valuation (Utilizing Internal Comps & Market Valuation Techniques, Business Purchase Financing Pre-Qualification, 2 Optimized Banners Ads, Ongoing BizBen Social Media Presence, Intensive For Sale Or Wanted To Buy Posting Optimization & Exposure, Referrals To Advisors & Resources To Get Your Deal Completed - Transactional Attorneys, Due Diligence Experts, Consultants, Business Appraisers, . Both Of These Programs Utilize The BizBen Protocol Method For Selling & Buying A Business.

Benefits Of Our Fast Track & ProBuy/ProSell Programs:

- Fast Track Postings & Our ProBuy/ProSell Program are HIGHLY optimized and customized by senior staff
- Automatically placed on every page of posting search results instead of on just one page (like standard postings)
- WEEKLY boost to the top (Page 1) of the search results - on all related posting results pages for the campaign duration
- Your posting will appear in EVERY Email Alert going out to BizBen Users that match their search criteria *
- Your postings will appear in EVERY Daily Email Report going out to BizBen Users that match their search criteria *

* Over 90,000 emails are sent out daily to BizBen Users for either Email Alerts on Saved Searches/Requests or on Daily Email Reports - your Fast Track / ProBuy / ProSell posting will be included in all those that match the Users criteria!

Note To Users With Individual Postings: you can also upgrade a Standard Posting to a Fast Track Posting or ProBuy/ProSell Program at anytime - if you upgrade within 7 days of posting we will credit the amount of the Standard Posting price to the selected Fast Track or ProBuy, ProSell Program price!

Place A For Sale Posting (Find Buyers | Either Standard Posting Or Fast Track Program)

Place A Wanted To Buy Posting (Find Sellers | Either Standard Posting Or Fast Track Program)


Discounted Multiple Posting/Listing Program For Agents, Brokers, Business Brokers, Intermediaries

This program is designed for Brokers & Agents who have multiple business for sale or wanted to buy listings/postings and who advertise with us regularly. We have a 3 month minimum on this program (the first 3 months must be paid up front and then paid on auto pay via credit or debit card or eCheck monthly thereafter).

- Up To 5 Listings - Either For Sale And/Or Wanted To Buy Postings: $50 Per Month
- Up To 10 Listings - Either For Sale And/Or Wanted To Buy Postings: $75 Per Month
- Up To 20 Listings - Either For Sale And/Or Wanted To Buy Postings: $100 Per Month

Additional Features Individual Brokers & Agents Receive On This Discounted Program:

FREE BizBen Broker & Agent Directory (Standard Posting) - $150 Per Month Value
FREE Fast Track Posting For One Of Your Listings For 5 Weeks! - $150 Total Value
FREE Online Training Session To Maximize Your BizBen Account - Searches, Posting Placement, Client Assistance, Stat Analysis

After 20 postings, each additional set of 10 postings is an additional $50 per month extra. Example: a 30 posting program would cost $150 per month.  All postings are subject to our Posting Policy & Guidelines.

This program is designed for agents and brokers on an individual basis. Offices with multiple agents can't sign up an entire office and "pool" the available postings available - each agent or broker must have their own individual BizBen account (and BizBen Program) and pay for it monthly individually.

To start up on this program on BizBen, please phone Peter Siegel, MBA (BizBen Lead Facilitator) direct at 925-785-3118 who will optimize your Broker/Agent account (and FREE Broker/Agent Resource Directory Posting) on BizBen and get you started.


Directory Advertising - Broker & Agent (or) Resource & Advisor

Directory advertising provides resources and advisors a way to connect with BizBen Users/Viewers on a daily basis. Brand your services and reach your audience directly: business buyers, owner/sellers, business brokers, agents, etc.

You select the Areas/Categories/Counties/Business Types/Key Words, to be found in and we'll design and get your directory posting started in less that two business days once we receive your text/copy.

Cost can vary depending on the number of Counties & Geographic Areas and the number of Category Types to be included in.

We have a minimum fee of $150 per month (3 month minimum - paid upfront and then monthly thereafter). Monthly discounts apply to those that select MULTIPLE Areas, Categories, Counties, Key Words, etc. to display on.

Please phone our office at 888-212-4747 for more information on our Directory Advertising Program.


ProBuy Program - Designed For Serious Business Buyers

The ProBuy Program is good for 6 months but most of our business buyer clients end up buying a business usually within three to five months from start to finish. The cost of the program is a one time $800 fee (payable via check, credit/debit card, or eCheck). There are no other fees associated with this program for our services during the program. This fee covers consulting & pre due-diligence on all deals: is the deal priced right? can you get financing on the deal? what deal points about the business should you be concerned about?, getting you prequalified for business purchase financing, getting the right team in place to assist you, etc.

Here Is What You Will Receive From The BizBen ProBuy Program:

* Determine What Types/Industries Of Businesses Would Be A Good Match For You To Buy (If Needed)
* Pre-Qualify & Advise You On Business Purchase Financing Options - SBA & Non SBA Financing
* Introduction To Specific Individuals At Financial Institutions To Provide Business Purchase Financing
* We'll Refer You To Any Resources That Will Help You Complete Your Deal & Get It Closed
* An Optimized/Targeted "Business Wanted To Buy" Posting For You On Targeting Owner/Sellers, Brokers
* Analysis Of Deals That You Are Considering Buying - Pre Due Diligence Phase
* Non-Biased Valuation/Appraisal Feedback On Deals In Contract - Is It Worth It? - Analysis Provided

For More Info Go To:  ProBuy Program For Buyers  - To Sign Up Call 888-212-4747 - Ask For The ProBuy Program.


ProSell Program - Designed For Motivated Business Owners/Sellers or Brokers/Agents

The ProSell Program is good for 6 months but most of our seller clients end up selling their business within two to four months from start to finish. The cost of the program is a one time $800 fee (payable via check, credit/debit card, or eCheck). There are no other fees associated with this program for our services during the program. This fee covers consulting & coaching throughout the process: is the business priced right (and obtainable deal structure)? can potential buyers get financing on the deal (we'll pre-qual your business for financing from the sell side)? We'll assist you with optimized text and copy for your Business For Sale Posting & Banner ads on Need assistance with other aspects of the sale of your business? We'll refer you to resources who can get your deal closed - escrow/bulk sale services, attorneys for transactional contracts and paperwork, and SBA lenders and financial resources for your buyers, etc.

Here Is What You Will Receive From The ProSell Program:

* Determine A Realistic Market Value (Price) Of Your Business - Realistic Pricing & Deal Structures That Make Sense In Today's Marketplace
* Quantify The Perfect Business Buyer For Your Business - Identify The Qualities Of A Real Buyer Who Can Close On Your Deal
* Assist You With Reaching Serious Business Buyers - What Channels & Networks On BizBen To Use & Why - For Your Particular Type And Size Of Business
* Pre-Qualify Your Business For Potential Buyer Financing - So Potential Business Buyers Don't Waste Time Finding Financing (Or If Financing Is Even An Option)
* Optimize A For Sale Posting & Banner Ads On - Giving You Optimized Exposure To Serious, Motivated Buyers For Up To 6 Months (Most Businesses Usually Sell Within 3 Months On This Program)
* Refer You To Any Advisors & Resources That Will Help You Complete Your Transaction & Get It Closed Successfully

For More Info Go To:  ProSell Program For Sellers & Brokers  - To Sign Up Call 888-212-4747 - Ask For The ProSell Program.

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