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Fast Track Posting Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Who advertises On BizBen?

Business owner/sellers, buyers, investors, intermediaries, brokers, agents, landlords, advisors, franchisors, franchisees (resales). Buyers and sellers of California established small to mid-sized businesses, franchises (new and resales), & business opportunities. If you would like to advertise and reach serious/motivated business buyers, small business owners/sellers, or brokers and agents call Peter Siegel, MBA at 866-270-6278 today.

Are there more advanced advertising/marketing programs for brokers, agents, intermediaries?

Yes, for brokers, agents, and intermediaries we have our very successful Fast Track postings/ads, and our Advanced Advertising and Marketing Programs (that incorporate our Fast Track posting/ad programs, etc.) that are specially designed for brokers and agents who wanted a more advancedway to sell their listings (and services), reach more qualified buyers, and business owners trying to sell a small or mid-sized California business. Intermediaries can utilize these special marketing and advertising programs to: place articles, blog or discussion posts on BizBen, promote workshops, webinars & special events, etc. For custom marketing programs for intermediaries, please phone our BizBen Advertising Specialists at 888-212-4747 for details.

Is there a commission or any additional fees to post on BizBen besides the advertising fee?

Absolutely not. There are no hidden commissions or fees. Our advertising prices are all you will ever pay to place a posting on our site. BizBen is the most effect and least expensive method of reaching the right audience for your posting.

How does BizBen generate traffic to their website?

BizBen reaches hundreds of thousands of potential buyers, sellers, & intermediaries each month with its advertising & marketing campaigns throughout online outreach integrated efforts. Since has been assisting those selling and buying California businesses since 1994 we have a huge following of site Users - over 45,000! Our postings & posts are also fed via RSS feed to a network of small business sites, resources, and social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. This means you will get more exposure for your postings and posts with BizBen than with other media. Plus, BizBen is extremely affordable so you don't spend a fortune trying to generate interest in getting your deal done.

Can I add new postings or revise my postings at anytime?

Yes you have full control 24/7 to log into your BizBen Account and add new postings, revise current postings, and make postings inactive - bottomline you have full control over your advertising on BizBen.

What is the Fast Track advertising program?

The BizBen Fast Track advertising program is a program for sellers, agents, and business brokers who want to get the maximum exposure for their ad/listing: The Fast Track ad program usually accomplishes: Multiple buyers for your listing, intensive daily exposure, and one of the best ways to sell a business. We limit the number of Fast Track ads on BizBen to maximize your exposure at all times.

Who can utilize the Fast Track Advertising Program & what does it include?

All advertisers can utilize this intensive, special advertising program for postings placement on BizBen. Fast Track Postings get a great deal more exposure on our website and in our Daily Email Reports & Instant Email Alerts. Fast Track Postings are located on EVERY postings results pages and are "refreshed" much more frequently than the Standard Advertising Program postings. We also limit the number of Fast Track Postings on the results pages online so that they really stand out and are seen by site users. The cost depends on the length of time: $200 for 30 days, $300 for 60 days, and $400 for 90 days (the 90 day option offers a guaranteed results feature - get an extra 90 days for free on us if you don't have success selling or buying!)

How much does it cost to to advertise on BizBen?

Posting costs vary on BizBen - we have both Standard & Fast Track Programs. You have several options for placing an available or wanted posting, and one is sure to fit your budget. Go to the "Advertising" link at the top of this page for advertising/pricing for: Postings, Banners, Resource Posts, Sponsored Ads, etc. We also offer many custom Advertising/Marketing Packages that combine many of these advertising programs - ask us to customize a successful Ad package for your situation! Phone our Advertising Experts at 888-212-4747.

Can I upgrade from a Standard Posting to a Fast Track Posting?

Yes, you can upgrade your Standard Posting at anytime during your advertising run on BizBen. You can apply the dollar amount you paid from your current Standard Posting dollar amount within the first two weeks on our site to a Fast Track Posting. After you select and pay for this upgrade a highly trained BizBen Advertising Advisor will contact you to set up and implement all the features associated with the Fast Track Posting Program.

Is my information secure with your site?

Yes. BizBen does not sell or give out to anyone your information, email address, name etc. We value your privacy as we do ours. BizBen also utilizes to ensure your privacy the best encryption code and security programs available.

How long does it take for my new posting to display on BizBen?

Your posting will appear immediately on BizBen in the appropriate areas and catagories on BizBen making it easier for potential Users to find and contact you about your available or wanted posting. We will also refresh your posting periodically so that site Users are exposed to it on a regular basis.

What types of payment do you accept for postings and advertising plans?

We accept either credit or debit card payments. Payment via check is accepted as long as the Account User pays at least six months in advance. Ongoing (monthly) advertisers are auto-billed monthly via a credit or debit card on the 1st of each month.

Can I upgrade my BizBen advertising program at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your advertising on BizBen at anytime by calling Petertoll free at866-270-6278, we will prorate and upgrade your advertising right over the phone.

Is my email address displayed in my BizBen posting(s)?

No, due to confidentiality your email address is "masked" or hidden behind our online message box/form for potential site users to contact you by email message (and possible by text if you have an advanced BizBen Account).

How many & in what format should my pictures be in for my posting(s)?

Up to 6 pictures are allowed to be placed in postings. Pictures should be in jpg format. When you editing/revising your posting you can change or add photos at that time also. Pictures with your posting(s) need to be pictures of the business or commercial real estate you have available - please no logos, stock photography, copyrighted ptotos, etc.).

Are there any membership fees to join BizBen to advertise?

No there are no membership or initiation fees to join BizBen to advertise.

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