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You Will Never Feel Lost In The Shuffle. Many Brokers Simply Send Out An NDA And That's The End Of Communication. All Buyers Receive A Personal Meeting With An Ace Acquisition Specialist So They Can Recommend The Perfect Business For You. Phone Rick direct at 800-985-4939.

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You Will Never Feel Lost In The Shuffle. Many Brokers Simply Send Out An NDA And That's The End Of Communication. All Buyers Receive A Personal Meeting With An Ace Acquisition Specialist So They Can Recommend The Perfect Business For You.

The Ace Organization Makes Sure That All Buyers And Sellers Feel Like They Are Part Of The Ace Family And Truly Taken Care Of Throughout The Acquisition Process. Sellers Get Weekly Updates On Their Listings By Email, Fax, Phone, Or Text So They Can Monitor The Success Of The Advertisements Placed.

After All, Business Brokerage Is Really A People Business!

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For Sale: Food And Wine Festival - Award Winning, Diverse - Key West

Original owner with a passion for curated events built out an event planning company in south Florida, with a focus on wine/spirits/beer and food-themed experiences. Their events present a diverse range of wines with inventive cuisine, hosted by passionate creators at iconic island/coastal location.   Posting #: 284077   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Owner Operated Agency - Longstanding and Fruitful - Anaheim

Buyers MUST have a current Progressive Appointment to purchase this book. After building an agency from a startup into one of California's largest multi-location brokers, the seller started his own independent agency with a focus on controlled oversight.   Posting #: 282774   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Food Service Consultancy - High Profit - Santa Monica

This company provides client specific food & beverage solutions across food service, retail and ingredients. They provide strategic guidance and expert support for empowering companies to pioneer, develop, innovate, and accelerate in the F&B industry.   Posting #: 283895   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Wholesale Produce Distributor - HACCP Certified - New York

ProNova Partners exclusively represents a company that has grown over three generations from a single delivery vehicle to a HACCP Certified facility containing over $13MM+ in assets doing $47,000,000+ in top line revenue spread across their wholly-owned fleet of vehicles. The CEO's 100% shareholder.   Posting #: 283896   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Project Management Software Developer - High Level - Fair Lawn

This profitable business is offering software designed to manage projects in both high-level software and smaller, non-software project arenas. The software greatly enhances overall control of very high-level software development projects. Also designed for development of general-purpose projects.   Posting #: 275861   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Mission Critical Communications Firm - Stable - Greeneville

Boasting a high recurring revenue profile and multi-year contracts, this mission critical communications firm provides best of breed comm's solutions primarily to nuclear power companies and state agencies. Over the past four decades the company has been a technology leader.   Posting #: 283218   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Winery - Woman Owned, Nationwide Recognition - Santa Monica

The winery breaks the cultural norms around wine and winemaking. Inspired by the casual everyday celebrations that foster connection, the wines are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. The owners/founders, women of color, follow their customers' guidance when building their brand.   Posting #: 283862   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Lawn Care Company - Professional, Profitable - Rutland

This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire a highly reputable residential landscaping company that has established itself as one of the leading service providers in Worcester County The owner is seeking to sell the business, (including all inventory, furniture, fixtures, equipment and vehicles).   Posting #: 283829   Posted by: Rick Carlson.

Should Sellers Give Tax Returns To Buyers

For Sale: American Buffet Hibachi Grill Chain - 4 Unit Chain - San Jose

A group of 3 experienced-based restaurants located in tourism-centric cities (with a fourth opening soon) is available for acquisition by a larger restaurant group. The concept a convergence of an American buffet and hibachi grill creates a personal interactive dining experience   Posting #: 283775   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Software Development And Engineering Company - Waxhaw

This software development and engineering company is a limited liability company and was incorporated in January 2018, by the founders and current owners in the southeastern United States (exact location provided is the advisor's location, not the business location).   Posting #: 283728   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Landscape Service Company - Residential/Commercial - Charlotte

The landscaping service company was established in 1995 in one of the fastest-growing regions of the U.S. (the location provided above is the broker's location). The company has a strong culture that focuses on reliability, customer service, and quality that has been cultivated over its 28-year hist   Posting #: 281996   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: General Contractor - Multi Family, Residential - Charlotte

This multi-family residential construction general contractor is an S-Corporation. The original company was founded in 1991 with a 100% sale to the new owners in late 2016/early 2017 as part of a divestiture/retirement of a founding member of the prior company. The company is in the Southeast U.S..   Posting #: 280842   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Day Spa And Salon - Professional, Well Established - Fitchburg

This is a fantastic opportunity for growth at this well-established salon & spa. They have a reliable group of repeat clients with substantial and consistent pre-bookings. This full-service, professional salon and spa is located in Worcester County. This business was founded more than 20 years ago.   Posting #: 283648   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: P & C Insurance Book Of Business - Atlanta

Atlanta Insurance agency, started in 2013, with an impressive Property & Casualty book of business for sale. This portfolio of business has been meticulously cultivated and boasts an industry-standard retention rate. In alignment with the company's guiding principle to "underwrite home policies   Posting #: 283036   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Social Advertising Outreach And Marketing - Saint Louis County

The agency is a leading player in the field of lead generation, specializing in paid social advertising and strategic cold outreach. With an impressive track record, they are renowned for their unmatched expertise in LinkedIn marketing. Their team excels in crafting tailored strategies.   Posting #: 283626   Posted by: Rick Carlson.

SBA Loans Computing Add Backs

For Sale: Food Distribution - Profitable, Healthy - Brighton

For sale is a quality and healthy snack distribution business with territory in MA, NH, and RI. It is a flexible and simple business model with current cash flow from existing clients. This is a franchise but there are no royalties and low overhead with this model. They have a low client turnover.   Posting #: 283570   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Commercial and Industrial Construction General - Charlotte

This commercial and industrial construction general contractor was founded in 2006 after the founder determined that the construction general contractor that he was working for was on a path to being sold. The Company was extremely successful and grew substantially under his leadership.   Posting #: 283551   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Thriving New England Day Spa for Sale - Westford

An exceptional opportunity awaits an ambitious entrepreneur, Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Esthetician, or Massage Therapist looking to own a successful Spa Business or expand through acquisition. This well-established Spa boasts a dedicated team of long-term employees   Posting #: 283456   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Email Marketing App for 18B Gmailers - Tampa

Our client's software is designed to help small and large organizations get a better return on their email marketing activities. It does this by adding much-needed benefits to Gmail, including allowing for sending mass marketing emails by utilizing multiple Gmail accounts.   Posting #: 283449   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Video Recruiting App Cuts Costs and Time Ups Quality - Tampa

Our client has an AI-driven web-based software that turbocharges the hiring processes. It also keeps hiring locally with job posters or ads attracting nearby talent to area employers posting job openings. Our client's app is user-friendly, fast, and easy for employers and potential employees.   Posting #: 283446   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Search Engine Compares Open Sources For Coding Use - San Jose

Our client's website is a directory and search engine that helps people find and compare open-source projects to use in building software. The website helps software engineers find the right open-source project to solve their problems.   Posting #: 283423   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Medical Mask And Respirator Supply - 14 Patents - San Clemente

Our client offers a disruptive line of transparent antiviral masks and respirators that improve protection without compromising comfort, compliance, and human connectivity. These reusable and disposable product lines include detachable protective eye shields, clip-on temple bars, lenses, etc.   Posting #: 283407   Posted by: Rick Carlson.

Business Broker Questionable Practices

For Sale: Flourishing Beauty School for Sale - Waterbury

Unlock the potential of the beauty education industry with this remarkable School founded on a legacy of expertise. Boasting an accomplished Founder with a stellar track record in beauty education, this School is a beacon of credibility in the field.   Posting #: 283383   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Business for Sale - Mission Viejo

Are you interested in entering or expanding in the contracting industry? This is a remarkable opportunity to acquire a well-established contracting company with a legacy rooted in over 30 years of collective experience. The Sellers have honed their craft, and built a stellar industry reputation.   Posting #: 283371   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Annuities Book of Business - 40 Years - Seattle

The Seller of this book of business has taken great care in providing excellent financial guidance and annuities products to local clients for over 40 years. As the Seller prepares for retirement, he offers his entire book of annuities clients to a Buyer who sees the value and potential.   Posting #: 283348   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Lacrosse Focused Online Community w/Marquis Part - Los Angeles

This lacrosse-focused online community wants to capitalize on the continued rapid expansion of lacrosse seeing double-digit annual growth. It is on pace to be the next major US professional sport and be featured in the 2028 Olympics.   Posting #: 283335   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Beauty And Cosmetics Manufacturer - Indianapolis

Established in 2016, this company started as a consulting side venture by its founder, a beauty entrepreneur who built her brand from her college dorm and later moved to China to explore manufacturing possibilities. This company has evolved into a full-service beauty lab.   Posting #: 282823   Posted by: Rick Carlson.


For Sale: Mobile Detailing Company - Since 2016 - Spokane

Spokane, Washington's premier mobile detailing business for purchase. With years of automotive detailing business experience, the Seller launched his own Company in 2016, to help busy clients keep their autos, RVs, motorcycles, and boats in perfect condition.   Posting #: 283251   Posted by: Rick Carlson.

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