Chuck Post, Laundry Pro Offers New Book About Laundromats

Chuck Post, a leading Laundry Expert with over 37 years of experience developing laundries, retooling,and rebranding hundreds of existing laundries, tells investors how to search, find, evaluate, and do good laundry due diligence laundries for acquisition.

Chuck adds: "This industry is amazing. For 37 years now, I have watched people fail repeatedly in making the deserved returns, while repeatedly, my team and I take these same laundries and make big winners of them, one after another. I have explained the hidden secrets of the laundry business. I have also included many examples and stories of winning and losing, and how each is accomplished. I hope you enjoy the book.:

A must read for new investors and a wise read for current operators.

Sample Information in this book includes:

- How To Buy A Laundromat (Step By Step)

- What To Look Out For - How To Do Good Laundry Diligence

- What Should I Expect To Earn?

- Understanding The Elements Of Value

- Is Laundromat Ownership Right For Me

For more details and to order Chuck's new book, go to:


Chuck Posts New Book


Areas Served: Southern California
Phone:  619-227-5711 Cell, 949-878-2755
Chuck Post has 35 years experience in the laundry business, specializing in assisting those building, re-tooling, selling or buying coin laundries. Offering specialized services such as: Laundry Buyer Representation, Coin Laundry Valuations, Model Development, Consulting. Call 619-227-5711 (Cell).

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