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Add Backs To Get Business Acquisition Loans

When seeking large SBA business acquisition financing loans, it helps to review seller's add backs (cash flow analysis) as a source of funding to service the debt. Peter Siegel, MBA - SBALoanAdvisors.com Founder covers this specific topic for business buyers, owner/sellers, agents, business brokers.

Webinar Buying A Card Or Coin Laundry

Chuck Post hosts these live FREE online webinars on Buying A Card or Coin Laundry. These webinars occur every Weds at Noon. Have your questions ready for an open and honest discussion about both the Pro & Cons of the Vended Laundry Business. RSVP or for more info phone Chuck at 619-227-5711 direct.

San Francisco Restaurant Workshop

This live FREE workshop by Cheryl Maloney (San Francisco Business Broker Specialist) is designed for San Francisco restaurant owners who are thinking of selling and would like to know how much their restaurant or bar is worth and how to get it sold successfully. Limited seats, please RSVP via phone.

Life Of A Restaurant Deal

Any deal when selling a business tends to have a life of its own. Joe Ranieri discusses a restaurant deal in Orange County that has had many twists and turns. This article shows what types of issues can and do come up when selling a business or in this case a restaurant.

Laundromat Investing Challenges In 2023

For Laundromat investors looking to enter the industry, these are challenging times. This significant industry that is surging due to "smarter" equipment, cleaner spaces, more staff, & the larger payback for offering a better customer experience. But, brokers & sellers have unrealistic valuations.

Starting a micro business

A micro business is a type of small business that typically has fewer than five employees or as many as ten. It is often a one-person operation or a very small team, and it operates on a small scale.

Ralph Santos Business Broker
Ralph Santos Business Broker
How to avoid lawsuit when selling your business

Despite precautions, business owners often face lawsuits, even when innocent. Litigation, even if won, means losses in money, time, and resources, leading to uncertainty and negative publicity

Cost of restaurant ownership

Owning a restaurant is a dream for many, but the journey from concept to reality involves various financial, logistical, and lifestyle considerations. Before you embark on this serious business adventure, it's essential to understand the costs, risks, and benefits of buying a restaurant in USA.

Guide to Buying a Profitable Business in 2023

Ready to leave your mark as a business owner? Acquiring a profitable existing business is a strategic and rewarding start to your entrepreneurial journey. It's often more efficient, less risky, and cheaper than starting from scratch.

Cash flow management for small businesses

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any small business. "Cash is king." It's the constant flow of funds in and out of your business that ensures you can meet your financial obligations, pay employees, suppliers, and operating costs, and invest in growth.

How to Buy a Business

What is your goal in 5 years? Do you want to become a business owner? Buying a business can be an exciting, safe opportunity to gain financial freedom. But how to buy the right business? This article will walk you through the process of buying a business.

Why Do Laundromats Fail?

Laundromats undeniably represent a fantastic business opportunity. They offer high returns and require minimal hours, making them an attractive investment. Even during severe economic downturns, laundromats prove resilient as they provide an essential life service, but why do laundromats fail?

Michael Brewer ABC License Consultant
Michael Brewer ABC License Consultant
Gas Station with Property for sale

In the realm of commercial real estate investments, the gas station with property stands out as a unique and potentially lucrative opportunity. Beyond merely selling fuel, gas stations have evolved into multifaceted businesses, offering convenience stores, car services, and more.

Guide To Laundromat Business in United States

Venturing in the laundromat business can be a promising journey, offering entrepreneurs a stable and potentially profitable opportunity. Whether you're considering buying an existing laundromat or starting from scratch, this guide will unravel the various facets of the laundromat business.

Liquor Store for Sale in U.S.

Embarking on the venture of acquiring a liquor store is a journey rife with potential, a symphony of business acumen and the intoxicating allure of entrepreneurship.

Smog Check Service

Ensuring your vehicle undergoes regular smog check services is not only a personal responsibility but also contributes significantly to environmental protection. Recognizing the importance of smog check services opens up potential business opportunities in the thriving smog check industry.

How to Sell a Business

You have various options for selling your business. You can advertise it on specialized websites, post ads on social media, spread the word among your network, or reach out to local chambers of commerce. As you can see, there are plenty of avenues for selling your business yourself.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Franchise Business: Your Ticket to Entrepreneurial Success

To start a business or try something new, starting a franchise business is a great option. In this blog, we'll break down everything you need to know about buying a franchise in simple, easy-to-understand terms. This guide is for business owners, whether experienced or new.

Chuck Post Webinar
Chuck Post Webinar
The Coin Laundry Business Grows Up

The coin-operated laundry business has undergone significant changes, evolving beyond its traditional model. Laundromats are now transforming into comprehensive "laundry businesses." This shift reflects a broader approach that goes beyond mere self-service coin-operated machines.

The Differences Between Real Estate Agents and Business Brokers

To sell a California business you need a real estate license. When the real estate market is weak, real estate agents think about selling businesses. Most California business brokers don't make it past their first year. What does it take and how can you become a business broker in California.

Car Wash Buyers Guide

Finding the best car wash for sale comes down to understanding your business strengths and the nature of the industry. BizBen.com Founder Peter Siegel with the help of car wash brokers discuss how to find a car wash for sale that will succeed.

Purchase A Business Consideration

A logical question from people looking to purchase a business is whether they can afford a company that will produce enough profit to meet their needs. Some guidelines are useful to help buyers make intelligent decisions regarding business values. Buyers should also take advantage of BizBen's Buyer...

Question You Will Be Asked When Selling

When selling your small business, you'll be bombarded with questions - from the brilliant to the ridiculous. You need to be prepared. Here are some of the key questions you can expect to be asked. Tim Cunha (SF Bay Area Business Broker) reviews many of these possible questions from potential buyers.

Financing A Business Purchase

Financing a business purchase, or getting cash for a down payment can take many forms. Hopefully the options listed below will give you some ideas where you can find the money to buy a California business!

Back Up Offers Crucial When Buying Or Selling
Back Up Offers Crucial When Buying Or Selling
Tim Cunha JD Discusses Business Valuation

Would you like to know what your business is worth? What's more, what it could be worth with a small amount of effort and investment? Business brokers have a variety of methods to determine value. Tim Cunha, JD a SF Bay Area Business Broker discusses his answers to this question about valuation.

How Inventory Affects The Business Valuation

If inventory is an asset of the small business, why is it treated differently from other assets in setting the business value and conducting the transaction? Tim Cunha, San Francisco Bay Area Business Broker explores this topic about how the inventory amount affects a business valuation.

Allocation Of Purchase Price

When selling and buying a business, it is almost always necessary to allocate the purchase price to various categories of assets for tax and accounting purposes, whether this is a transfer of all the assets of the business or an actual stock sale of the business entity. Broker Tim Cunha explains.

How To Advertise A Business For Sale

Knowing how to advertise a business for sale without revealing too much is an important skill for anyone who wants to find a buyer for a small or mid-sized California business at a good price. One caution about giving too much detail is that it might identify the company and ruin confidentiality.

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