Workshop: How To Value & Sell Your San Francisco Restaurant Or Bar

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How To Value & Sell Your San Francisco Restaurant, Bar

This live workshop by Cheryl Maloney (San Francisco Business Broker Specialist) is designed for San Francisco restaurant owners who are thinking of selling and would like to know how much their restaurant or bar is worth and how to get it sold successfully.

Whether you have just been thinking of selling or your are in full-on sell mode this special focus driven workshop on selling a restaurant or bar will give you the facts about how to value your restaurant or bar and then the actual steps to get it exposed to the right restaurant buyers and then getting it closed successfully in the least amount of time and hassles.

Workshop Dates, Times, Address, Presenter Info:

Dates: Thursdays: April 16th, May 21st

Times: Noon to 1PM

Address: San Francisco: (Please RSVP By Calling 415-309-2722 - The Address & Parking Instructions Will Be Given Over The Phone)

Presenter: Cheryl Maloney, San Francisco Business Broker & Restaurant Specialist: A San Francisco business broker with over 25 years in the bar and restaurant industry coupled with a J.D. Cheryl handles all types of restaurant and bar transactions in San Francisco. She is part of the BizBen Expert Panel (podcasts & webinars), and consults daily with restaurant sellers and buyers about the process of selling and buying San Francisco restaurants and bars.

Please Note: This FREE live monthly workshop has limited space. Please RSVP by phoning Cheryl at 415-309-2722.

Topics To Be Discussed During This Workshop:

- What Components Are Used To Value A Restaurant Or Bar

- What Documents Will Be Needed To Sell Your Restaurant Or Bar

- What Questions Are Restaurant Buyers Going To Ask During This Process

- What Are The Possible Tax Ramifications Of Selling

- Buyer Financing Options, Lease Transfer Strategies, Employee Notification

- What Are The Differences Between Using A Broker Or Selling It Myself

- How Is The Liquor License Transfered (If There Is One)

- How Long Does The Process Take & What Can I Expect Along The Way

- What Other Services Will I Need? Escrow, License Transfer, Legal

- What Is The Best Way To Get The Word Out Confidentially About The Sale?

- How Much Does It Cost (Fees, Services) To Sell A Restaurant Or Bar?

- Q&A During And At The End Of The Workshop To Address All Your Questions

Please Note: If you can't attend these highly informative workshops but are still interested in chatting with Cheryl about the sale of your San Francisco restaurant or bar - phone her direct at 415-309-2722.


Areas Served: City Of San Francisco
Phone:  415-309-2722 Cell, 415-309-2722 Text
I have over 20 years of small business experience, a law degree and well-versed in real estate regulations and best practices. I work tirelessly to create successful strategies & effective negotiations for those wishing to sell or buy a San Francisco small business. Call 415-309-2722 (Cell/Text).

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