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Joanne Weber, Broker: Preschool Specialist, Southern California

Contact: Joanne Weber, Broker: Preschool Specialist, Southern California

Company: Ryan Craig Company: Preschool Specialist

Phones: 818-760-3644

The Ryan Craig Company is in its 46th year as the recognized expert in Southern California, dealing exclusively in the sale of preschools, Montessori schools, day care centers, and private schools. Our extensive list of references speaks for itself. Phone Joanne at 818-760-3684 for more info.

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For Best Results & Response, Email & Phone This Contact: at 818-760-3644.
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About Joanne Weber, Broker: Preschool Specialist, Southern California

The Ryan Craig Company is in its 46th year as the recognized expert in Southern California, dealing exclusively in the sale of preschools, Montessori schools, day care centers, and private schools. Our extensive list of references speaks for itself.  Recent sales include facilities in 6 Southern California counties, ranging in price from 100,000 to over 5,000,000. Now, in response to a strong demand for our services in San Diego and Northern California, we are pleased to announce our expansion into those areas.

The sale of schools is handled with complete confidentiality and discretion. All buyers are screened and financially qualified before any information concerning the school is released. The School Division staff is thoroughly experienced and completely familiar with all aspects of private school sales, including staff requirements, curriculum, insurance and the numerous state regulations regarding licensing. 

We provide complete confidentiality, qualified clients, professional service, consulting services, and knowledge of all state requirements. We provide an analytical evaluation to determine a price which reflects the worth of the business and continue with detailed attention through the closing of escrow.

Joanne Weber has been the President of The Ryan Craig Company for 46 years, dealing exclusively in school sales. She has lectured in a number of colleges in Southern California regarding the sale of preschools and the various aspects of buying existing schools and building new facilities.

Additionally, she consistently holds seminars for both owners and perspective buyers on topics related to school ownership and operation. Joanne has been a licensed Real Estate Broker for over 46 years now and has completed a number of courses in the field of Real Estate, ranging from appraisal of business opportunities to advanced courses in finance and accounting. Additionally, she has a B.A. Degree in education and 8 years of teaching experience.

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The Ryan Craig Company is in its 46th year as the recognized expert in Southern California, dealing exclusively in the sale of preschools, Montessori schools, day care centers, and private schools. Our extensive list of references speaks for itself. Phone Joanne at 818-760-3684 for more info.
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This attractive 80-capacity facility was designed for school use and is located in a highly visible location. Exceptional and rare opportunity for a current Owner looking to expand and add another location or for a new Owner looking to open their first school. Price: $200,000. All cash to Seller.   Posting #: 266324   Posted by: Joanne Weber.
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This Montessori facility with a capacity of 40+ children is located in an upscale area, allowing for good tuition rates. The school has an excellent reputation in the community for educational excellence. This school has an excellent lease at just over $4,000 per month, which is an attractively low   Posting #: 266241   Posted by: Joanne Weber.
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This impeccably decorated facility with a capacity of 50+ children sits on an oversized lot with room to expand to a larger capacity. The desirable area allows for excellent tuition rates. $2,200,000 for Business and Property $400,000 Down Payment. Seller financing available. Excellent opportunity.   Posting #: 265633   Posted by: Joanne Weber.
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This long-established preschool, licensed for 120 preschool children, sits on a large beautiful lot in the highly desirable affluent Pasadena / Arcadia area. Purchase Price: $750,000 Down Payment: $400,000 The owner will carry the balance at 4.5% for 6 years.   Posting #: 264956   Posted by: Joanne Weber.
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Santa Clarita school property and business assets. The school property is located in a family friendly area of Santa Clarita Valley, this school property of approximately 32,300 square feet has approximately 3,474 square feet of building and can be licensed for 80+ preschool / school age children.   Posting #: 264864   Posted by: Joanne Weber.
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Buyer Early Possession Of Business

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Montessori preschool located in north San Diego County. This Montessori preschool, with a capacity of 60+ students, is located in an attractively decorated building and situated on a large lot of over one acre. The large grounds, with grass trees and open space, create a very natural and peaceful   Posting #: 264747   Posted by: Joanne Weber.
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Preschool/Elementary School Property in Santa Barbara County. Rare high quality coastal location for real estate and asset value only. Facility includes multiple school buildings totaling approximately 9,149 square feet plus a house on approx. 84,942 sf of land and offers a lush, quiet setting.   Posting #: 263343   Posted by: Joanne Weber.
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Are you looking to sell or buy a preschool or school? Joanne Weber with the Ryan Craig company has added her listings on BizBen as a business sales specialist. Contributor: Joanne Weber
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