Getting Professionally Prequalified, Vetted: Getting SBA Loans Approved

The most common question clients ask me about SBA loans and business purchase financing is how fast can we secure them funding to get their business purchase completed - or business expansion, commercial real estate purchase, partner buy-out, inventory purchase, equipment purchase (you get the idea). While there are many steps for the loan / financing process must pass through from start to finish my answer to borrowers/buyers, owner/sellers, business brokers, agents is "it's all up to you." This statement often catches clients off guard but it is the absolute truth (and I've been doing this for over 25 years!)

There are certain items, documents, information you must have ready in order to get your deal professionally pre-qualified/pre-flighted/vetted.

Your quest for SBA business loan financing will be much faster if you have the following items ready:

*  Past 3 years personal tax returns for all borrowers with 20% or more ownership (Federal Tax Returns only)

*  Current completed Personal Financial Statement (for all buyers/borrowers)

*  For any other affiliate company with at least 20% ownership by an owner of applicant business you will need to provide the past 3 years corporate tax returns

*  Work Resume(s) for all borrowers / buyer (s)

*  Signed Purchase Agreement (or Letter Of Intent)

*  Brief write-up about the business - possible "mini" business plan & projections (this varies lender to lender)

*  Past 2 to 3 years corporate tax returns of the business you are purchasing or need SBA loan financing for

*  Past 2 to 3 years P&L and Balance Sheet of the business you are purchasing or need SBA loan financing for

*  Interim P&L and Balance Sheet of the business you are purchasing or need SBA loan financing for

A complete package is more likely to get the attention first rather than an incomplete package can drastically reduce your changes of funding altogether for your business (or business with real estate) purchase, equipment purchase, partner buy-outs, debt refinancing, USDA loan, leasehold improvements, business expansion, etc.

Call me direct for the other 24 key factors for getting the best SBA loan rates and features as well other mitigating factors that make SBA Loans fly through the underwriting and closing processes!


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Peter Siegel, MBA: Founder of SBALoanAdvisors.com is a finance specialist assisting clients with obtaining SBA large loans ($500K to $5M). Nationwide coverage. Call to discuss your situation & get professionally pre-qualified for buying (for buyers) or selling a business. Call/Text 925-785-3118.

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