Laundromats: Are They Really Good Investments For Buyers?

Are laundries good investments for buyers? Chuck Post, (at 619-227-5711 - California laundry consultant, due diligence services, and laundry buyer representation) discusses this topic with other advisors & brokers in this BizBen Discussion about laundry investments and if they are good investments.

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Typically, I write about using caution and good investigation when considering investing in a laundry. I still do. But I haven't really answered the question on why a laundry is such a good business and investment.

Remembering that the laundry is a necessity of life, all cash service business. That said, there is also the fact that you can enter the laundry business at so many different levels that it can suit the needs almost any investor. The industry is growing for many reasons and in many directions, due to and including population, changing life patterns and the advances made by the industry itself. All too much to explain here.

But here is the best part. You can buy one laundry requiring limited time involvement and have earnings proportionate to your investment; most ranging from typical levels of about $4,000 to $14,000 monthly. But you can grow your individual laundry business without limitations. Purchasing subsequent laundries is much easier. You have the ability to pick and choose from almost anywhere, any price level, any condition and can modify the model to fit your brand and your own operating style.

As an investment, you can buy and sell laundries as they come available. You can keep the best and sell the rest as you go. You can grow into larger or multi laundries to your own comfort zone. You can take advantage of numerous tax advantages and when desired or needed you will be able to liquidate relatively easy, in most areas.

Finally, as to the nature of our business, laundries are far more stable in economic down turns and boast one of the highest all around success rates.

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