Wanted: High-Growth Data Analytics & Trading Firm -

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  • 9/6/23

Contact: Kevin At 925-719-4990 ,  -  Also Email This Contact Below


Partner / Investor Needed For High-Growth Technology Business -
Data Analytics: Algorithmic Trading Hedge Fund + Artificial Intelligence Firm
Stock Trading & Modeling Algorithms With Artificial Intelligence

The market is changing and many people want to transition from small businesses due to competition and saturation. We are a data analytics firm and have been able to develop new insights and important data/algorithms about the stock market that is not available to the public. With the an investor or partner, We can scale this quickly with our team of engineers and traders. This is an opportunity for you to utilize it to partner with technology experts. We are looking for a good partner/investor with good operating liquid capital.

Net-Profits (Trading Capital = $200k+):
Average monthly return: 5%-10% Trading Capital

Example: $20000 * 0.10 = $2000 per month

If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible:

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  1. Name: Kevin
  2. phone iconPhone: 925-719-4990
  3. phone iconPhone:

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