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Live Sessions Podcast: Dates And Topics Of Upcoming Sessions

The Sessions Live Podcasts are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Noon to 1:30PM Pacific Time. These live podcast sessions consist of topics related to buying and selling small to mid-sized businesses and franchise resales.

This online session are comprised of questions and topics that have been emailed/phoned/texted into the Host of this Podcast Peter Siegel, MBA and an assortment of panelists: ProAdvisors, ProIntermediaries, and Special Guests.

We'll cover a wide variety of subjects regarding small business transactions and deal making: buying & selling strategies, valuation factors, business purchase financing options, creative deal structures, pertinent direct legislative actions effecting transactions, economic and social factors, and much more!

Every Tuesday & Thursday - Starting Online Tuesday June 8th, 2021

Times:  Noon to 1:30PM

Join Us Online / Go To:

Text Your Questions During This Session (Or Before) To 925-503-0434, During The Session You Can Ask A Question Via Chat, Or Raise Your Hand (Virtually) And Ask A Question.

Tuesday, June 8th Topics/Agenda (Updated Consistently Up Until The Podcast):

* Question: What Are Some Of The Better Businesses To Consider For Purchase At This Time? What's Hot?
* Question: What Are Buyer Profiles? What Info Should They Include? What About Personal Financial Statements? 

Thursday, June 10th Topics/Agenda (Updated Consistently Up Until The Podcast):

* Update: What Are The Latest SBA Loan Updates, Features For Buying Businesses Or Franchise Resales?
* Question: What Are Ghost Kitchens? Are They Good Investments, Businesses For Buyers At This Time?

Note: To get have your question considered for this session/show or future sessions please email us at or or text your questions to 925-503-0434. During these live session podcasts if you have any questions for the Host of the podcast or Panelists (ProAdvisors & ProIntermediaries) you can text your questions to 925-503-0434 during the show/session. Thank you.

The Host Of This Podcast:

Peter Siegel, MBA - Founder & Lead Advisor - BizBen ProBuy, ProSell, & ProIntermediary, ProAdvisor Programs

Panelists Of ProAdvisors & ProIntermediaries Include:

Joe Ranieri, Business Broker (ProIntermediary) - Restaurant & Retail Specialist, Los Angeles & Orange Counties

William Ziprick, Attorney (ProAdvisor) - Specialist In Transactions - Buying & Selling Businesses, California

Tim Cunha, JD, Business Broker (ProIntermediary) - M&A, Consulting, Brokerage - Serving The San Francisco Bay Area

Cheryl Maloney, Business Broker (ProIntermediary) - Serving The City Of San Francisco, Restaurants, Services, Retail

Ralph Santos, Business Broker Specialist (ProIntermediary) - Hospice, Home Care, Health Services In Southern California

Chuck Post, Laundry Specialist (ProAdvisor, ProIntermedicary) - Laundry Consulting, Due Diligence In Southern California

Mani Singh CBB, CBI, M&AMI, Business Broker (ProIntermediary) - Serving Riverside, San Bernardino Counties

Manjit Singh, Business Broker (ProIntermediary) - Serving The San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley

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Peter Siegel, MBA
Areas Served: Nationwide - All Areas
Phone:  925-785-3118 Cell, 925-785-3118 Text
Peter Siegel, MBA - Founder Of (since 1994), I am the Lead Advisor for the ProSell, ProBuy, & ProIntermediary Programs. I advise/coach buyers, sellers, and brokers daily about buying & selling small to mid-sized businesses throughout the Nation. I can be reached direct at 925-785-3118.

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